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Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom Information

Cinderella's Castle


This is the place everyone in the world thinks of when they think of Disney. Cinderella’s iconic castle is seared into the memory of every child and child at heart who travels down Main Street USA. Compromised of six distinct and magical lands, Magic Kingdom Park has been a must-see destination for 10’s of millions of guests annually.


ADVENTURELAND  Explore the mysterious, foreign and tropical lands of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean in this area. One of the main rides is the Jungle Cruise; which takes you through areas representing the continents of South America, Africa and Asia. This is a boat ride taking you through the jungles of these continents via the main flowing rivers that exist in these lands. Another venue is the Enchanted Tiki Room, an animated show involving birds creating a fun filled environment that is great for the whole family. Pirates of the Caribbean is located here as well, which is quite a different from the original opening ride from the 70s (because of the huge success of the movie series). The other main area is the Arabian marketplace that has many wonderful shops that might exist in the northern areas of Africa and eastern parts of Asia. Here you can enjoy the wonderful and colorful items that have been imported to delight the visitors wishing for something other than the usual Disney fare. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is a ride, much like Dumbo, but with the theme of Aladdin and all the other features from this film. The last major attraction in Adventureland is Swiss Family Tree House that is fun for the whole family as you explore this magical tree house that is high up in a enormous tree. LEARN MORE

FANTASYLAND the place for make believe, where dreams come true, where you wish upon a star, and where the beautiful castle of Cinderella sits inviting you into the realm of magical spells. It is the hub of the wheel of the Magic Kingdom layout and visible from just about any area; rising 180 feet into the brilliant blue sky of Florida. Here imagination is king, pixie dust perfect, and you, as a child or adult, can relax and let the imagery and excitement take you to another realm, another time when you looked everywhere, and absorbed the sights, sounds and smells of Fantasyland. There are 10 attractions here that will reinforce the fact that you are alive in a wonderful place, safe with your family all around you, totally enjoying the magic of this kingdom. Ariel’s Grotto, is one of the areas where you and your children can meet the little mermaid and Belle, take pictures, and hold onto your dreams.Cinderella’s Castle is a marvel of modern imagery, rising to the sky, spires bold in the sun and colors seem to become more beautiful. LEARN MORE

FRONTIERLAND You’ll go to the old American wild west. is about the old west and the wonderful rides that are located there; Walt Disney World Railroad, skirting the property around Frontierland giving riders the great overall view of the rides and buildings that occupy this magical place; Tom Sawyer Island that have you crossing the moat like river that goes around the island and is set to the side of Frontierland; Splash Mountain, which is a great place to ride the logs in the heat of the summer days; Country Bear Jamboree, one of the coolest places to enjoy the antics, jokes and sounds of those favorite bears; and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that spins you around the mountain side in a roller coaster train ride. LEARN MORE

LIBERTY SQUARE is the colonial era Disney style and there are some great attractions here; most especially the Haunted Mansion; one of the best and main exhibits in Disney World; the memorable Hall of Presidents, with life like statues of our country’s Presidents, lined up and giving a great rendition of their most creative speeches; a live tree in front of the Liberty Tree Tavern, this tree is the biggest living organism in the Magic Kingdom, weighing in at 38 tons; and the Liberty Belle paddle-wheel boat, rebuilt from the original boat in 1996, and the fantastic replica of the Liberty Bell that sits in Philadelphia. Also in the square area is the wooden pillory or stocks of the old days, where people would throw food at the people punished there. The Liberty Tree Tavern is a great place to enjoy real American food, with characters at dinner; and the Columbia Harbor House is the place to have some great down east food from the New England area of our wonderful country. LEARN MORE

MAIN STREET USA. located at the entrance to all the Magic Kingdom Park, you can find a wide variety of attractions and entertainment, ranging seasonal parades to daily shows. Here you can almost always find Disney Characters interacting with the guests. They offer a fun experience as you can talk and play with the characters. This is the perfect photo opportunity; the characters will pose and participate in photos with your family and friends. During specific seasonal celebrations this area of the theme park is used for parades and shows. Walt Disney World hosts parades like no others, with lights, fireworks and special effects the night comes alive when these Disney characters make their way down the street dancing, singing and participating with the crowd. LEARN MORE

TOMORROWLAND. The Tomorrowland experience is one of the best thrills of the Disney World adventure, and one of the most enjoyed by children of all ages that visit this funtastic theme park. With rides set in the future, or at least today’s ideas or imagination of what part of the future will be like, Disney strives to bring the excitement of futuristic themes into the world of amusement parks today. As always, they do just that, especially with the variety of rides that live in Tomorrowland. LEARN MORE

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