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Gatorland is one of the oldest attractions known as the alligator capital of the world right here in Central Florida. Located between Orlando and Kissimmee on Orange Blossom Trail, this unique park utilizes nature to set it apart from its traditional theme park counterparts. Highly regarded as Florida’s best half day park, Gatorland has been entertaining and educating millions of visitors for over 50 years. Call us at 888-206-6040 to speak with a representative, and we’ll help you build the perfect ticket package for your party!

Gatorland spans 110 acres and features thousands of alligators and crocodiles. Combining elements of the “Old Florida Charm” and with exciting new exhibits, Gatorland has something to offer for visitors of all ages!

Screamin’ Gator Zipline at Gatorland!

Gatorland in Central Florida has just expanded, and its newest addition to this popular theme park is the Screamin’ Gator Zipline! This awesome adventure is a one of a kind experience that takes you high over the theme park from a birds eye view. Fly from tower to tower across steel cables at speeds up to thirty miles an hour! But what truly makes this experience unique is that you get to soar over pools and exhibits of Florida’s most popular wildlife, the Florida alligator! These huge monsters will be swimming, meandering, and jumping far below you! As soon as you enter the zipline course location they will lead you to a square room where you sit down next to your gear. Then you watch a comical, instructional video on the rules of the zipline course that keep you safe. The entire time you are in a danger zone you will be strapped to safety harness. In fact the Gatorland teams have two rules, be safe and have fun!

You will be lead across the park to the first tower, the start of the Screamin’ Gator Zipline course. Here you will go over the safety rules one more time before embarking on the first jump, the Gator Grunt Run. This short and smooth zip is the practice for the upcoming runs, which are much faster, much higher and much longer. These other jumps could also be considered practice for the second to last jump, a whopping five hundred feet zipline that starts seven stories high. Here you can get up to speeds of thirty miles an hour as you fly over Gatorland’s breading grounds, home to as much as thirty to fifty alligators at any given time. From there you cross an awesome rope bridge and you are onto the final course, a duel jump where you race another park guests. If you are with a family member or friends you can put your zip line skills to the test in this final race!

The Screamin’ Gator Zipline at Gatorland is an awesome adventure and fun experience, a way to make your visit to the theme park a lasting experience. Not many people get to say I dangled at high speeds over alligator infested waters. You can even purchase pictures of your experience at the end, just so you can prove your story to your friends!

Gatorland Entrance & Shop

Built by Frank Godwin, son of Owen Godwin (Gatorland’s founder), the Gatorland Entrance is a global icon. It has been in newspapers, magazines, and it has appeared in movies. That massive concrete alligator head serves as the entrance to the award-winning, 7,000 square foot, Gatorland Gift shop. You’ll be able to find anything from T-shirts and toys to alligator heads at the shop. There’s basically something for everyone at the shop.

Alligator Island

Home to the largest reptiles in the park, Alligator Island is situated in the northern part of “Gator lake”. It is on this island where you can get the best view of the animals that give Gatorland its namesake. You might also be fortunate enough to see the biggest gator in Gatorland, the monstrous 15-foot American Crocodile lovingly called “Alf”.

Gatorland Express Railroad

On this Gatorland classic, you can take a tour of the park all the way to its South end. You’ll get a slightly elevated view of all the park has to offer. The railroad has been at Gatorland since 1965. Catch ride a like millions of others have.

Gatorland Reviews

“Alligator Island is America’s largest home to these reptiles” – For those that are fascinated with these ferocious animals, Gatorland is just the place for you. Most of these animals can be seen in Gator Lake, home to the largest reptiles. I was amazed to see hundreds of alligators and crocodiles inhabiting Gator Lake. These animals just love to lay in the sun and soak up all the rays. Weighing 1,000 pounds, is Alf a 15 foot American crocodile, one of Gatorland’s largest reptiles and a favorite amongst visitor’s and staff. Home to several species of native Florida Birds, Gatorland has a uniquely large palm tree where gators and crocs can meet under the shade. Breeding occurs seasonally where the female alligators make there nests on the island. Being the home for several thousand Mexican Free-Tail Bats, a special bat house was constructed for housing on the island. Sleeping during the day, the bat venture out at night to consume vast quantities of insects before returning to the bat house.”

“Gatorland was a uniquely interesting adventure for the kids” – Standing on a deck overlooking the water, one can see the eyes of the alligator’s staring at you. Tanks in a different area allowed guests to lean over and see several smaller species of turtles and crocodiles. Laying in the sun all day is the alligators favorite recreation. Feeding alligators is allowed and hot dog packages for $5.00 were available. Alligaotrs have poor frontal vision so it was recommended to break the hot dogs into halves and then toss them next to their eyes. The natural reaction of a gator is to grab anything that falls next to them. Four shows were offered throughout the day: Jungle Crocs, Gator Wrestlin, Gator Jumparoo, and Upclose Encounters. Most of these shows last about 15 minutes. Upclose Encounters premiered animals from around the world. During the show, scorpions and rattlesnakes were displayed and handled. Handling 6-foot alligators was not big deal for professional gator wranglers. Holding the alligator’s mouth open with the wrangler’s chin was one of the popular stunts. Sitting on the backs of the alligators at the end of the show was much in demand by the children. Thank God they taped the alligator’s mouth shut during this act. Alligator meat and nuggets could be purchased at the snack shop on the premises, ‘yuk.’ To finish a fun day, we enjoyed a nice train ride around the park as a finale to ours days adventures.”


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