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Discovery Cove

Imagine a place where you can immerse yourself in tropical wonders and lush paradise. Swim among the creatures of the living coral reef. Hand feed exotic birds that have almost reached the point of extinction. No, we’re not in Fiji, we are in Orlando! Freshwater Oasis Residing on 33 acres of land right across from SeaWorld, Discovery Cove is not the largest of the Orlando theme parks. But the activities here will honestly blow your mind! Even as you pull into the parking lot you feel as if you have strayed off a path in the jungle and you stumble upon a golden treasure! You are greeted with a smile when you walk under the large thatched roof welcome center. All around you can see and feel the mystic beauty. They will give you your I.D card and send you on your way. They will take your picture when you first arrive and that photo is complementary. You will be treated to a full, hot breakfast with all of your favorites. Apple clusters, Muffins and bagels. The whole assortment is a great way to kick off your day. After you eat your meal (which I have to say was all you can eat!) You are now ready you get suited up. You will be given a locker to store your belongings inside. The snorkel gear and your wet suits are all included in the package. Once you’re suited you have the whole day to do… What ever you want! There are no lines, no screaming children waiting to get on to the tea cups, No hairy men doing cannon balls in the wave pool. Complete relaxation is what you can expect. If you don’t want to relax you don’t have to, there are so many things to do and see you won’t be bored if you don’t want to be. But for the folks who would love to lounge away on the white sandy beaches of the tropical river, there are plenty of hidden coves and caves to hide away at. There are three different waterfalls that you can discover and feel the force of water and gravity working together to create this wonderful work of art!

You can step right from the river into the Coral reef. This reef is home to over a thousand species of marine life and there are so many that you can not see them all in one day. As you are floating around the 10 to 15 foot high corals you will find many wonders of life that flourish right below you. Don’t forget to look for that adventurous clown fish and his friends! You will also see 30 foot wide stingrays gliding at the bottom of the reef looking for a playmate. You can also find small species of stingrays in the lagoon right next to the coral reef. At Discovery Cove you will be in a controlled environment so there is no need to worry. If you would like to get a rush of adrenaline you can swim face to face with sharks and barracudas. You will be blocked by an inch thick pane of glass.   Now for the grand finale, The Dolphin swim! You and eight other people will be briefly trained and then taken to the Dolphin pool. This is home to over 20 bottle nose dolphins that you have the opportunity to swim with. If you do some research on the dolphins you will quickly see how intelligent these creatures are. They can make some incredible noises and perform many tricks all with a simple hand gesture. You will get a half hour swim with these magnificent mammals and with in the half hour you will obtain so much knowledge you may even want to own one! Over all you will have an amazing experience here because they strive to bewilder you with new and fascinating activities. There is no place like it on earth and you will never understand life until you make a visit here. So on your next Orlando Vacation, be sure to make a stop for the day to Discovery Cove. Witness the wonders for yourself.


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