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Medieval Times

Check Out Medieval Times!

Journey back to the 11th century as a guests of King Alfonso and Princess Esperanza for a great feast and lance splitting action. Cheer for your knight as he jousts against his opponents as a defender of the crown. At Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament you’ll step back in time to an exciting evening of quality family entertainment based upon the glory of the Middle Ages. Guests experience spectacular pageantry, dramatic horsemanship, tournament games, breathtaking swordplay and romance while feasting on a four-course meal served in true medieval pre-silverware fashion. The experience culminates in an authentic jousting tournament between the six brave knights of the realm. Cheer them on as they fight to the finish!


“Medieval Times Show is a night of feasting and fighting” – As a guest of the king we felt like we were back in the 11th century. We were first greeted by King Alfonso and princess Esperanza and then received a colored crown that corresponded to our knight that would be fighting for the king. Trumpets sounded and announced the opening of the Grand Ceremonial Arena. At once legions of maids began to serve us a four course meal. Savory garlic bread, steaming hot vegetable soup in pewter bowls, roasted chicken, spare rib, seasoned potato and pastry fit for a royal family. The legend had it that the kingdom had been threatened by invaders and we were in the middle of a fight to the death for the princess. Again trumpets sounded, knights in full armor on magnificent horses began to charge at each other brandishing 10 foot lances. What a shower of sparks, and sounds of metal against metal made by swords, shields and that deadly giant whirling bola.


  • Brand new courtyard with meandering walkway
  • 38 foot video display sign
  • Expanded King’s Hall
  • New ticketing building with drawbridge and moat
  • New “state-of-the-art kitchen”


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