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EPCOT family

EPCOT is an acronym for a vision brought to the table by Walt Disney himself back before 1970. Epcot was originally supposed to be a futuristic utopian city that explored conceptual ideas for human growth and development and technological advances in energy and other facets of human existence. This city would be home to 20,000 inhabitants and would include People Movers like the monorail system in Magic Kingdom, and underground tunnels for automobiles to promote pedestrian safety above ground. This vision left the possibility of promoting all of these new technological advancements very limited to the public if not for a massive venue of display, so that idea subsided and the Epcot you see today was thought to be the best alternative. Since it’s grand opening on October 1st, 1982, Epcot Center has done a great job in keeping up with the times by adding a host of new attractions. Epcot is divided into two sides. Future World, which became the enhancement of Walt Disney’s original idea is a wonderful place where guests are given the ability to take a peek into technological advancements in construction, computers, and new and resourceful ideas in in-home technologies. Future world is broken into several Pavilions which concentrate on various topics from energy and conservatory methods to food and agricultural management advancements. The other half of Epcot is the World Showcase, a large circle of pavilions dedicated to different countries from Canada to the United Kingdom, and from China to The American Adventure, with many more countries in between. These pavilions offer food and beverages from their respectful countries and all or most of the waiters and waitresses and shop keepers are also from the countries they represent. There are also some interesting rides amidst the pavilions that go into greater detail on stories and folk tales in those countries. With all there is to see and do at Epcot Center, there is also a lot to learn. There are all of the advancements of future technologies, which inspire the youth of today to be inventive for tomorrow. You also have the bevy of cultures which come together in the World Showcase, teaching everyone about the histories, foods, and diversity of the countries they visit. With over 300 acres (twice the size of Magic Kingdom) Epcot Center has plenty to offer everyone, young and old. It continues to be an attraction dedicated to hope, imagination, and invention; it also provides the marvels of enterprise creativity, and ingenuity which have helped and will continue to help shape the world, and hopefully for the better.  

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

At approximately 9:00 PM every night Everyone in Epcot makes their way over to World Showcase and gathers around the bank of the World Showcase Lagoon, a man made lagoon with a diameter of around 1.2 miles. This is the location where IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth takes place. It starts with a score of wonderful and inspiring music, followed by lights, water fountains, and lasers all in sync with the score itself. As the show progresses the fire works commence, lighting up the entire bank of the lagoon with wonderful flashes of colorful light and sound. The current version of the show features a Millennium based theme, telling the story of the earth and our growth over time. The story is divided into three parts: Chaos, Order, and Meaning. These are 19 torches around the perimeter of the lagoon, symbolizing the first 19 centuries. At the end of the presentation, the illuminated globe opens to reveal a 20th torch which symbolizes the completed 20th century.  

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