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Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay Florida offers plenty of action for the thrill seeking family. Busch Gardens offers a broad range of attraction that will appeal to all ages. No other theme park in Florida provides guests with 8 (yes, really) heart pounding roller coasters. Each coaster brings a distinct characteristic and everyone leaving the park will be discussing which one was their favorite. As the “Roller Coaster Capital of Florida” the Busch Gardens theme park brings you over ten separate roller coasters, each with their own unique set of twists, turns and of course, inversions. If you are a thrill seeker looking for some thrills, then you have come to the right place. One of Busch Garden’s signature attractions is Cheetah Hunt, a roller coaster that raises the bar when it comes to traversing land at incredible speeds. Flying through maneuvers at sixty miles an hour the Cheetah uses a creative track design that will have you guessing every twist and turn. Another coaster that will have the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end is Sheikra. You’ll ascend 200 ft above the park and then face the largest drop you will ever experience. Your car will stop just before taking the plunge and you will sit suspended over a precipice before being dropped within inches of the water below! When it comes to thrills there is no better theme park than Busch Gardens Tampa!

Busch Gardens Thrill Rides

Cobra’s Curse: The newest addition to the all-star cast of roller coasters in Busch Gardens, Cobra’s Curse is the first spin coaster of its kind on the globe! Riders will be spun into a frenzy as they’re facing forwards and backwards during different segments of the track. Falcon’s Fury: The tallest free-standing drop tower on the continent calls Pantopia in Busch Gardens its home. Like a bird of prey, this attraction pivots riders 90 degress so that they’re facing down before diving straight down at 60 mph! Cheetah Hunt: With 3 distinct launches, this roller-coaster is a complete blast! Experience the hunt for prey on the Serengeti plains with the blazing speed of a cheetah over the course of 4,400 ft of track. SheiKra: The first of its kind in America, this roller coaster hurtles its riders 70 mph straight down (note: 90 degree drop) to earth from a 200 ft. pinnacle.


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