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Discount Aquatica Water Park Tickets

Tassie's Underwater Twist


Take an amazing adventure to Aquatica, SeaWorld’s one-of-a-kind Waterpark in Orlando. Bedazzled as different worlds collide together under the sea. Your whimsical journey through aquatic themes filled with marine life will immerse in a world of unparalleled thrills at SeaWorld Orlando. Imagine a place of under-world rivers that carry you through a magical undersea mystery of tropical fish and other marine life from all over the world. Prepare yourself for adrenaline pumping white water rapids, 36 water slides, 80,000 sq ft of pristine beaches, 6 rivers, lagoons, and first of their kind attractions. Dare to jump down into one of two clear enclosed tubes on a journey that slides, spins, and soaks your at lightening speeds. We offer Discount Aquatica Waterpark Tickets at the lowest prices to save our customers money. Why pay gate prices? If you are planning on having the thrill of your life and you like getting soaked with all your animal friends including Shamu and his Dolphin Friends, you’ve come to the right place. Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark features a fascinating thrill-rides down clear enclosed tubes that will send you speeding through a lively lagoon filled with playful Commerson’s dolphins. Be prepared to be transport from serene-to-extreme waters when you hit the oversized double wave pools at the end of the tubes. Sprawl out over sandy-white beaches under whispering palms or just soak up the rays of the sun under your favorite tropical paradise. At Aquatica the fun is as endless as the sea itself!


Kata’s Kookaburra Cove: Carefree as the South Seas
Make a big splash in colorful water park nostalgic of the South Seas with inspiring vivid colors, charming flora, hidden grottos, refreshing waterfalls and a carefree philosophy.

Dolphin Plunge: Fly Beneath the Sea
Get ready to plunge straight down 300-foot long crystal clear tubes into the very playpen of the Commerson’s dolphin.

Loggerhead Lane: Total immersion
Totally enclosed in clear tube, get ready for the ultimate high-speed adventure that begins in the dark right before it zooms, splashes and then drops you into marine animals habitat.

Taumata Racer: Whimsical and fun
Step up for unparalleled thrills of eight lane competition at this amazing attraction. Run the gamut as you glide down colorful slides, dark tunnels, and a lush landscape that transports you to a world that is whimsical yet fun carefree setting.

Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores
Setting a new standard for beach-goers comfort, Aquatica features wide sandy-white beaches, beachside service, personal cabanas, and refreshing lagoons.

Walkabout Waters
Combing the best of both worlds, guests can enjoy crashing surf, racing tunnels, water sports, sun tanning, slow pace lazy rivers through gentle waterfalls, or just take immersion to a new level.


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