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Discount Wonder Works Tickets

Wonder Works Discount Tickets

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The theory states that wonderwork was a secret laboratory in the Bermuda triangle. Then a disastrous tornado rips though and carried Wonder Works thousands of miles away to Orlando, FL. When the building landed it fell upside down. Surprisingly all the experiments were still in tact and functional. This 2-story theme park for the mind can be found on international drive next to Pointe Orlando. Worlds of wonder wait for you inside this upside down play place for people of all ages. Let the Ticket Momma save you money, and lots of it. Don't ever pay gate price when you can use Ticket Momma.

With over 100 interactive exhibits Wonder Works is a family fun experience at a great price! Let the power of a 65 mph wind from a hurricane blow you away in this state-of-the-art hurricane simulator. Then experience the magnitude of a 5.3 earthquake that can make cities and freeways collapse. You and your friends can battle it out in a game of laser tag. This is just some of the excitement you will find at wonder works. Maybe you're hungry; Inside Wonder Works there is an Out-of-Control dinner show. Not only will get all the pizza, popcorn, beer, wine, and soda you can handle. But you get to see a hilarious magic comedy that will have you laughing the whole time! Make reservations today!

With over 10,000 square feet of action packed arcade fun and entertainment theer is no place better to put your skills to the test than at Orlando's Wonder Works! Whether you are racing against the clock or battling your friends and family for victory this arcade leaves nothing to be desired!

Where can you find roller coasters, hurricanes, airplanes, and bubbles? Under one roof, only at Wonder Works.

Wonder Works Attractions

Wonder WorksDiscount Tickets - 4D Extreme Motion Ride: These movies come to life with special effeces and 3D technology. With full motion seats you will feel like you are actually in the movie on this wild ride!

- Ropes Challenge Course: This 36 foot tall roper course features over twenty seperate, challenging obstacles for you to overcome! With three stories full of climbing fun your endurance will be put to the test in this adventure!

- Fighter Jets: Ever wondered what it would be like to pilot an F-16 through the blue skies and clouds. This is everyone's dream to sail though the skies on the wings of a beautiful silver plane.

- Astronaut Suit: Parents, do you wish your child would grow up to be an astronaut? Well maybe your kids won't be blasting off any time soon but at least they can have a picture to brag to there friends at home. You get all the benefits of being an astronaut with out even leaving the ground.

- Virtual Sports: Put you're self in front of the green screen and play like a real athlete. Its fun so give it a try.

- Earthquake Simulator: Lets get ready to RUMBLE!! This ride will literally give you the shakes. Step inside this simulation ride and experience a 5.3 earthquake like what was witnessed in San Francisco in 1989. In a real life situation large buildings will collapse and fires will rage through out area. In a real life situation this would be very scary. But in this situation it�s really fun!

- Bubble Lab: Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles every where. Try making different types and shapes bubbles. Engulf yourself inside of a large bubble. Careful you might just float away!

- Bed of Nails: Sharp and deadly but you won't feel a thing. What may look like a painful bed of nails, actually it is an uplifting sensation. 3,500 nails keep your body suspended and unharmed. Its physics that allows this to be possible. It takes 2 kilograms of pressure to make a nail puncture human skin. So unless your over 500 pounds you should be in no danger.

- Wonder Wall: Thousands of pins shape to the precision of your body. See what your body really looks like as a body portrait is formed. This 3-d image is something to take a quick snap shot of.

- Land the Space Shuttle: After returning from a very important space walk on mars you are now entering earths atmosphere, but wait there's a problem. The chief captain has blacked out. Now its up to you to land this huge space craft. Are you up for the challenge?

- Global VR: You're locked and loaded. Are you prepared to fight the fight of you're life? In this simulation you will be challenged to fight the great desert storm war. Are you tough enough?

- Wonder Coaster: Create your own roller coaster. Make it loop make it turn and make it go lightning fast! Even if you like gentle rides or you like large drops there lots of ways to be creative. After you create your roller coaster, you get to ride your creation. This feels so real you almost can feel the wind streaming through your hair!

The Outta Control Magic Dinner Show

New for the Summer of 2015...
3 Shows a Night! 4pm, 6pm and 8pm!
From June 6th to August 16th.

Wonder Works, the upside-down building on popular International Drive, features Orlando's funniest dinner show. The show, which is entitled The Outta Control Magic Show is just that. This hilarious show combines high energy comedy improvisation with spectacular magic to thoroughly entertain audiences of all ages. Combining incredible magic ticks with outrages comedy you can rest assured you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time. The only thing you have to be worried about during this show is keeping the food in your mouth during the punch line that is sure to come every thirty seconds! When it comes to a comedy dinner show, no one does it better than Wonder Work's Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show. Prepare to be amazed by incredible tricks as you laugh so hard your sides hurt!

During the show, enjoy:

- Unlimited fresh hand-tossed pizza
- Unlimited popcorn
- Unlimited beer, wine, and soda

Wonder Works - Customer Reviews

"When my family and I traveled to Orlando in the spring we went to Wonder Works. Our hotel was across the street from Wonder Works so we decided to check it out. I saw this on before we came so I called them to get a price quote. They had the best prices that I could find anywhere. When we got to Wonder Works there was lots of excitement. My kids were so fascinated by the upside down building. This was an experience like no other. My daughter fell in love with the bubbles that was her favorite. My son had a blast when he got to land the space shuttle. We will be back in the future I can guarantee it!"

-- Parker

"I travel to Orlando several times a year. I live in Jacksonville, FL so we try to get out as much as possible. Wonder Works has been my favorite place for years, and we go there almost every time we are in Orlando. We use Ticket Momma every time we go because there conveniently located and they have GREAT prices. I always get the Wonder Works ultimate combo. This ticket includes Wonder Works, the Out-of-Control dinner show, and the laser tag. I don't care how old you are laser tag will always be fun. The dinner show is probably the best in Florida, maybe the best in the world!"

-- Darren