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The Southern Methodist Mustangs, or SMU Mustangs for short, come from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. They play in the Gerald J. Ford Stadium and entertain up to thirty-two thousand spectators. While originally a competitive powerhouse winning eleven conference titles across the Western Atlantic and Southwest Conferences, they school has struggled to field a team since returning from the NCAA “Death Penalty” against the school. The penalty came from indications of several major rule violations involving the players. The main offense was the existence of a “slush fund” used to pay athletes for things such as rent and food. Despite their ban lifting in 1987, the school still did not field a team until 1989 due to the massive shock to the recruitment table near the school due to the ban. They have won three national titles and gone to eleven bowl games, of which they won five, lost six, and tied once. Their current head coach, June Jones is not faring well with the team thus far having a two year career added up to nine wins, sixteen losses, and a win percentage of .360 to date. Under head coach, Madison Bell, they got their 1935 title, along with Ron Meyer in 1981, and 1982 with Bobby Collins.


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