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The Presbyterian College Blue Hose is the name of the athletic program out of Presbyterian College located in Clinton, South Carolina. The PC Blue Hose, a Scotsman dressed in a kilt of blue and Garnet. They compete in the NCAA's Big South Conference. As a matter of fact, PC has on their campus the largest bronze statue of a Scotsman in the world; and yes, it is even larger than anything Scotland has. Their motto at PC is "while we live we serve" and that is exactly what everyone looking to graduate must do. They must volunteer or partake in some form of service prior to graduating. They give to the community and expect that to be the mentality of their graduates. They completed a 6-5 record their first year in the NCAA's Division 1-AA. The team has an annual tradition of playing the Thanksgiving Turkey Day Bronze Derby Game in which the best player of their Thanksgiving day game is awarded a bronze derby. This bronze derby game is always between PC and Newberry College. The story dates back to late 40's when a derby was taken off of one of PC's players by a Newberry player in the midst of a fight. Charles MacDonald, PC's assistant publicity director sent word to Newberry's school paper declaring the return of the derby to be part of a school rivalry in athletic competition. Newberry debated and agreed that it would be a good way to make everyone happy. The derby was then encased in bronze and immortalized. It switches hands between the schools due to the outcome of the Thanksgiving Day game.


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