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From Mississippi State University, the Bulldogs program is part of the NCAA Division I-FBS and also part of the Western Division of the Southeastern Conference. Miles above many school, the college has graduated thirty-eight All-Americans, one hundred and seventy-one All-SEC selections, and finally, one hundred and twenty-four NFL players! In 2009, Anthony Dixon, running back, was awarded the Conerly Trophy given to the best college athlete in the state. Upon entering the NFL, he was subsequently drafted in the sixth round into the San Francisco 49ers. They currently have three very deep rivalries with Ole Miss, the Alabama Crimson Tide, and the Kentucky Wildcats although the Wildcat rivalry is more of a basketball rivalry. Against Ole Miss, the Bulldogs have a record of forty wins, sixty losses, and six ties. Against the Crimson Tide, they have a fairly one-sided record of seventeen wins, seventy-three losses, and three tied games. The football competition between Kentucky is much closer with the Wildcats in the lead by only three games in the Bulldogs' seventeen win, twenty loss record against them. In recent years, the Bulldogs have not put a very impressive foot forward with their last winning season back in 1954 with Head Coach Darrell Royal. Jackie Sherrill had almost made a winning career of his thirteen years at the college, but ultimately came one game short, and was later awarded a win against Alabama which put his record dead even at seventy-five wins and losses. His two ties marred his record just enough to put him under the .500 win ratio mark. Directly after Sherrill came Sylvester Croom in 2004, as the first black head coach in college football. He worked for four years, but was unable to achieve a winning record by the time he left the college.


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