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The NCAA Division I-FBS team, the Kentucky Wildcats hail from the University of Kentucky athletics program dating back to 1881. Since then, they have won two conference titles, one national title, and ten consensus All-Americans. They are in Lexington, Kentucky, and as such are part of the Southeastern Conference's East Division. Their first stint of great success came along with head coach Paul Bryant. Bryant pushed the team to winning the Great Lakes Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, and the Cotton Bowl Classic in 1947, 1951, and 1952 respectively. Upon entering the heavily favored Oklahoma Game at the Sugar Bowl, the team wrestled the thirty-one game winning streak away from the number one ranked Oklahoma Sooners. Since then, under Fran Curci they won the Peach Bowl, under Jerry Claiborne they won the 1984 Hall of Fame Bowl, next Rich Brooks in 2006 led the team to their first bowl victory since 1984. The current coach, Joker Phillips, has stood up to take control of the team now that Rich Brooks has retired, and the former wide receiver is a fairly unknown commodity at the moment. Hopefully, he can do very well for the team and be honored for his contributions to the school. The teams two Southeastern Conference Championship were first under Coach Bryant in 1950, and then with Coach Curci twenty-six years later.


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