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Rocking maroon and white, the Fordham Rams are part of the Patriot League in NCAA Division 1 FCS. They are located in the Bronx, NY and play in Jack Coffey Field which is a 7,000 spectator multi-purpose stadium which opened in 1930 named after former baseball coach Jack Coffey. The history of Fordham Rams football is an interesting one which dates back to 1882. In the 1930's they were said to contain the best offensive and defensive lines in the sport and were called the "Seven Blocks of Granite". Vince Lombardi at one point was a guard for Fordham and later became one of the greatest professional football coaches to grace the game of football. The Fordham Rams were so powerful that Cleveland formed its professional football franchise they inherited the Rams name which then later became the Los Angeles Rams and then the St. Louis Rams. Fordham would then play the first televised football game in the world in 1939. After marking all of these amazing milestones, Fordham would eliminate their football program in 1954 due to mainly financial reasons although there were several other reasons why they ended the program. In 1970, Fordham would reinstate the program as a Division 3 team. In 1989 Fordham would become a Division 1 team in the FCS. The Fordham Rams would then go on to win the Liberty Cup four times and garner the 15th most wins in the NCAA and the 5th most in Division 1 FCS.


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