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The Citadel Bulldogs are an NCAA Division 1 program that competes athletically in the Southern Conference. The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina is a Senior Military College (SMC) and actually one of six in the Country. An SMC is a college that offers Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC) programs. The Citadel’s curriculum offers not only higher education but also physical challenges as well as military discipline. This conditioning is very apparent in the athletic abilities of the students, better known as cadets, who make their way through the ranks of the college. There is a strict regimen that the athletic cadets must complete in order to be considered for their talents on one of numerous playing fields. They must report to campus a month earlier than all the other cadets for “athletic cadre” which is when they are initiated into the Corps by way of military conditioning and initiation such as “Hell Week”. The cadets at The Citadel work on six core values which include Academics, Duty, Honor, Morality, Discipline, and Diversity. Their talents and discipline show strongly on the fields of battle either in war or in competition because they have been trained and conditioned to perform at the best of their abilities, in the best physical shape of their lives, full force and throttle, with honor; Tiger blood.


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