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Not to be confused with the Western Michigan Broncos, the Boise State Broncos hail from Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, USA. Their logos, while similar, are far enough different that they can easily be identified should they appear together. This issue is similar to a myriad of logo and mascot conflicts since the inception of college football such as the widely used "Bulldogs" and "Aggies" name and logos. Often names are found organically from local media, and root in a Universities former names which are often similar as well. Another difference is their respective conferences with the Boise State Broncos being in the Western Athletic Conference and the Western Michigan Broncos in the Mid-American Conference.

Aside from naming and position, the football program of the Boise State Broncos is known to be very dominant thus far. They have over three hundred and fifty wins, fewer than one hundred and fifty losses, and just two ties over their seventy-eight years in existence. This results in a rarely achieved win percentage in excess of .700(their percentage is .711) in college football. Their postseason bowl game record is equally respectable with six wins and four losses. The team has one national title and fifteen conference titles. At Bronco Stadium, they can attract as many as thirty-three thousand five hundred spectators to any home game.


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