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The University of Alabama at Birmingham calls their sports program the Blazers. The school supports seventeen different sports with several being recurring conference champions such as men's basketball, women's tennis, women's soccer, or men's golf. Their football team is extremely young, having been founded in 1991 but they have already grabbed the distinction of advancing two Consensus All-American Athletes and entering one bowl game. They have powerful victories over influential teams such as Louisiana State University's program, but overall, have one hundred wins, one hundred and eleven losses, and two ties for a win percentage of .474 to date.

Neil Callaway, their current head coach, finished his third year at the college recently with a record of eleven wins and twenty five losses unfortunately deepening the loss hole. They have home games at Legion Field capable of seating approximately seventy-one thousand spectators. Routinely the stadium only fills about a third of that because of the youth of the program. The team itself has jumped a conference almost every other year since its start with their entrance to Conference USA marked in 1999. Their only present rivalry is with the Memphis Tigers. An NCAA rivalry is a formal agreement between schools to play each other in a set amount of home games at either school, thereby improving their revenue by using the stadium.


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