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Tournament of Kings

at Excalibur - 3850 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Tournament of Kings at Excalibur Planning a trip to Las Vegas is one of the easiest things to do, all you have to do is plan a time to go, book your hotel and then book your flight, and then you will be in Las Vegas before you know it. However, figuring out what to do while in Las Vegas may prove to be quite overwhelming, just because there are tons of things to do and see while you are there. You cannot really determine what you are going to do in relation to where you are staying because wherever you are in Vegas, you are no more than minutes from everything, especially Las Vegas shows. One show that you have to see while you are in the Las Vegas area is the Tournament of Kings.

The Tournament of Kings is an action and adventure show that is great for the entire family to go and see. This show is located in the famous Excalibur Hotel and Casino located on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a great show to see no matter wherever you are staying while you are staying in the Las Vegas area. Be prepared to stand and cheer for your favorite knight as he battles his way through a rigorous and daunting challenge right in front of your very eyes. This medieval sow is one that will make you want to don a suit of armor and go out there and swing a sword for yourself.

As mentioned previously, the Tournament of Kings is a great show to watch no matter how old you are, and to add a little bonus to that, children under the age of three can see the show and eat for free. The whole family will enjoy this unique Las Vegas show, and you know with the Show name the Tournament of Kings being held at a famous hotel named Excalibur, you know that you are going to get the very best in combat straight from the middle-ages, not to mention a delicious meal.

Each ticket purchase includes seats for the show and a wonderful three course meal fit for any king. When you arrive and take your seat, you may realize that you do not have any cutlery next to your steel plates. Well, there is an excellent reason for that, for you see when you enter the Tournament of Kings arena, you are stepping back into history, a time where it was customary to dig into your delicious meal using nothing but your hands. This just adds to the theme of the evening and puts you in the right mindset for a medieval show. So, belly up to the table and enjoy your feast as you prepare to watch some of the most exciting displays of swordsmanship, horsemanship chivalry and the finest of maidens dancing around the arena floor at the Tournament of Kings.

As the evening progresses, you will have noticed that there where many tasks that the king threw towards the knight, included the most important one of the night…the joust. Two knights, each on the opposite side of the arena, face each other and ready their horse as they engage in one of the most celebrated duals in medieval times. Lowering their face shield and leveling out their jousting sticks, each knight sends a spur to their horse sending both hurling at a face pace towards one another. Before you know it, the sound of the impact sends a thunderous boom throughout the arena, as a cloud of splinters and broken wood fall to the arena floor. The crowd erupts into a deafening cheer as one knight emerges the victor and gallops around the arena in triumph.

As you can see, the Tournament of Kings is one of the most exciting ways to spend a night in Las Vegas. All you have to do is get check out the amazing specials on Las Vegas shows discount tickets, round up the family and head over to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino to see a great show. You and your family will have a great time cheering your knight on to victory when you decide to make your Ls Vegas show experience the Tournament of Kings.

















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