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reserve your tickets today!The Mentalist

at Hooters Hotel- 115 E Tropicana Ave, - Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Showgirl Must Go OnThe Mentalists who is also known as Gerry McCambridge who is said to have on of the most unique acts on the Strip. A Mentalist job is also known as one of the most unique job titles, which is a person who reads minds. Gerry McCambridge reads minds of random audience members and then predicts what is going to happen of any random situation during the show. Throughout the whole show there is plenty of comedy as well along with audience interaction which makes each performance a different experience each time it is seen and performed.

Gerry McCambridge is a very popular to the celebrities such as Donald Trump, Courtney Cox, Howard Stern, Lisa Kudrow, Tim Burton, Dennis Miller, David Spade, Carrie Fisher, along with many more who fly McCambridge to where they are to entertain them and their friends at their party’s. This makes Gerry McCambridge also known as the “Mentalist to the Stars” and he has been doing these Hollywood parties' for the past twenty years.

Gerry McCambridge had his very first one hour network on NBC as a prime time television special in the year 2004. Millions of people all around the world have seen the special on television in countries such as Canada, Africa, Australia, Korea, the Middle East, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. McCambridge also took his performance mind reading show to New York City in the summer of 2004. This became his off Broadway show and it was said to be a critically praised hit. The shows dates are continually ongoing but do not perform on Wednesdays. Reservations for this show are not required but are suggested. There is no age requirement for the show, all ages are welcome but there is some adult content in the show so beware, it is at parental discretion. The show does have regular seating as well as VIP seating which includes one free drink. This is a very entertaining show that is sure to keep everyone in the audience laughing.


Videos of The Mentalist Pictures of The Mentalist


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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