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The Bank

The Fontana
The Fontana At The Bellagio

The Caramel At The Bellagio
Caramel in The Bellagio

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Shadow Creek Golf Course At The Bellagio
Shadow Creek Golf Course Bellagio

Bali Hai Golf Course At The Bellagio
Bali Hai Golf Course Bellagio

Royal Links Golf Course At The Bellagio
Royal Links Golf Course Bellagio

Desert Pines Golf Course At The Bellagio
Desert Pines Golf Course Bellagio


Michael Mina At The Bellagio
Michael Mina Bellagio

Picasso At The Bellagio
Bellagio Picasso
Circo At The Bellagio
Circo At Bellagio


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at The Bellagio - 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, - Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Showgirl Must Go OnOnce again the magical inventiveness of Cirque du Soleil have created another fantastic show straight from the genius of their entwined minds. With silly ineptness, two clowns run around the theater with an umbrella that is obviously so full of holes as to make it useless, this initiates a round of laughter, as the audience realizes that they are in store for another unique and spectacular show. Then an amazing aroma of spices assails your mind as a man swings a large incense burner, as some weird looking characters run down the aisles toward the stage with questions hanging in the air. All of a sudden, the curtain parts and perfectly synchronized swimmers splash in unison while a pair of trapeze artists come down from the ceiling to meet above the watery world on the stage. O is the French word for water, but spelled eau and pronounced O, as this wonderful show involves the unbelievable amount of water held in a tank in a theater; which is 1.5 million gallons. This aquatic show brings the world of fantasy into reality with the amazing feats of divers, synchronized swimmers, incredible acrobats, trapeze artists and the wonderful imaginations involved to create a fantastic world of water that will mesmerize you and set you on a course of magic dreams unlike you have ever experienced before.

This masterpiece includes 85 performers from 20 different countries and a stage crew of 150, brought together to envelop you in another dimension much like the artistic wizardry of Salvatore Dali or Vladimir Kush. The constant, continuous flow of the show will surprise and delight your eyes as the lighting and soundtrack bring about a metamorphosis of life while singers and musicians enrapture your mind with these dazzling apparitions. Suddenly a barge has floated center stage from the ethereal and amazing acrobats float into various shapes and poses with their bodies. No longer individual bodies, but imaginary parts of numerous puzzles that shift and shape to create awesome and mysterious images that will beguile your mind and senses. While the stage metamorphs from a 25 foot deep pool into a dry flat floor, in moments, the three elements of the earth; air, water and fire appear when a tribal dancer enters twirling two fired batons. With each passing moment, acts begin to change with the swiftness of the senses and then three swings are in front of you with divers launching into the air spinning, flipping and falling into the now immense water area below. Next a ladder appears and three divers climb the 60 feet into the air and get on a platform where they all dive together into small areas of the pool and as the audience holds its breath, they immerge with triumph and applause.

With astonishing grace and agility performers stupefy the audience with their movements in the water changing forms as they move. The show's power to assuage your senses and to explode the horizons of your mind will be something you never thought would happen in a theater; but with the Cirque all illusions are made real and the audience is the benefactor. With infinite beguiling, the show continues taking you from one surrealism into another. A man sits reading a paper; but he's on fire! soldiers fly around the stage on carousel horses and sirens dance across your vision with marvelous fancy. As often as you blink, there is something happening that you weren't aware of a moment before, and just as quickly as your mind wraps itself around this new vision, another is coming into focus and waking the senses of your thoughts. It is a show like no other and is as exciting as anything that Cirque du Soleil has ever done. With unbelievable precision, the acts follow one another without respite or incident, while the onlooker is immersed in a unique dimension that has left this earth and gone into the world of water. This show is fantastic and better than most of the Cirque's, well worth seeing even at the high costs that accompany this group.


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