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Le R�ve

at The Wynn - 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Showgirl Must Go OnLe Reve was created by Franco Dragone at Wynn and is known as a fantastical world. This show is something that will leave you wondering how they do some of the things they do. This is a show of mystery and fantasy at the same time. The characters are very colorful and beautiful and always keep the audience wondering what will happen next. The experience for the guests start as soon as they enter the room and they realize this is not the typical show room. The theater is a 1608 seat circular theater with a twenty seven foot pool in the middle and the furthest seat from the pool is only forty two feet away. The theater will make the guests feel like they are part of the show with no distinguishing between the show and the audience. The show includes gymnasts, aerialists, and synchronized swimmers that will amaze the audience with their talent as they descend from every angle in the theater. These performers will come from up high or even from right beside you. They could be coming from the other side of the theater but next thing you know they are right next to you and starring you in the eyes.

The show begins with a man and a woman who are saying goodbye and as the man leaves the stage the woman is swept away by three angels and her dream will then start. The music changes every so often from soft to mysterious and all kinds of different things are happening at once including characters coming from all areas of the theater as well as rising up out of the water. Some of the creatures also known as characters look fun and playful but others look more serious and scary. Then some aerialists are lowered from the ceiling and the pool turns into a ring of fire. This only one of many different stage and scene changes throughout the show, the stage can rise above the water by fifteen feet for more entertainment and gives an amazing illusion. Performers can appear and disappear within seconds due to three extra lifts that let the performers enter onto the stage without getting wet. Of course there are special lighting and water effects and a great soundtrack all adds to the mysteriously amazing show. The stage does so many different things such as rain pouring from the ceiling to put out the ring of fire and men and women just appearing out of no where. This show is sure to make you wonder and be left in amazement. For instance there is a skinny round platform that rises from the middle of the pool and male gymnasts do trick off into the water. The tricks these performers do are just simply amazing. There is so much more to the show but to experience it yourself is so much more exciting. The show lasts about seventy five minutes and the youngest aloud in the show is five years old.


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This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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