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reserve your tickets today!Gregory Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

at Planet Hollywood - 3667 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Popovich Comedy Pet TheaterAny kind of show that brings a dog to the microphone has to be funny; and that is how the Gregory Popovich Comedy Pet Theater begins. Gregory had his beginnings in the Moscow Circus School, and began his comedic circus training with the Moscow circus as they traveled about the world. He went on to perform for the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey; eventually ending up at the Circus Circus in Las Vegas with numerous skills acquired while touring with the few circuses he was part of. His expertise in juggling has gained enormous fame for him all over the world, and he joined Planet Hollywood to showcase his talents. His show begins with his wonderful juggling, culminating with Gregory standing on a freestanding ladder and doing his thing. It is certainly an amazing stunt and shows the kind of talent this gentleman has. His extensive background in the circus has definitely helped him, as well as developing ideas for the show. After donning clown paint, Gregory brings the audience to the circus; complete with birds, mice, cats and dogs, all evidently his pets. The Popovich talents must run in the family, as his daughter, Anastasie, a featured performer amazes the crowd with her agility and deftness dancing and twirling a baton, hula hooping and juggling. The other performers of this incredible circus do equally amazing feats of jumping ropes, tumbling and clowning around. The audience is enthralled with all the fantastic abilities of the clowns and enjoys the show immensely.

However, the real stars or show stealers are the animals or pets themselves in wonderful little skits that endear them to the audience. A scene unfolds at a train station with the mice, cats and dogs handing their tickets to the conductor, all the while acting like regular people would at a train stop, interacting and moving about. Other adorable scenes arrive with as much humor and comedy as animals can give; a cat pushes a dog in a stroller and a Yorkshire terrier is walked by a golden retriever mix breed. With skits and scenes like these the performance goes on with laughter encouraging the fanciful antics of the pets; they seem to thrive on the applause and noise that emanates from the audience loving their performances. A show favorite entails a classroom full of dogs, neatly sitting at their desks, with one pointing to the globe to infer geography lessons, another barks out the answer to a math problem, and yet another erases the chalk board with his paws.

Not to be outdone, the cats jump over hurdles, balance on thin boards and climb tall posts. One is fortunate to hitch a ride on the back of a passing pouch. All of the 15 cats and 10 dogs were at one time rescued from animal shelters and trained by Gregory. They all seem to be great hams, loving every minute in front of the audience, that surely encourage them to perform their best tricks with great enthusiasm. With this unique comedy and amazing feats of juggling, balancing and animal acting this is a great show for the family to attend. Everyone will love the animals and the many tricks that they have been taught. These special performances could only be accomplished by a loving rapport between master and pet and it exudes. The show also gives much back to the community in the way of coop opportunities, community programs and fundraisers and Gregory is always open to new avenues of showmanship and community service.


Videos of Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater Pictures of Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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