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Criss Angel Believe

at Luxor- 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. S.- Las Vegas, NV 89109

Criss Angel at The LuxorCriss Angel Believe is an ongoing show at the Luxor in Las Vega; this Cirque du Soleil and Criss Angel production is shown each evening and is an extension of the uniqueness of both parties. It is a daunting adventure into the mind of this great illusitionist that has and will continue to mystify audiences of all ages and beliefs. The title of this show was borrowed from the last word by the great Houdini, who on his death bed told his wife that many would try to say they have communicated with Harry, but only the person with the code word would be telling the truth. That word was believe and now Criss has decided to use that word to describe his show in Vegas. Criss is renown for his shows and special illusions that have mesmerized audiences all over the world and is still doing them in Vegas. Using the tools of the his trade, sounds, lights and pyrotechnics; Criss is blowing the minds of his audience with incredible feats that bewilder the ordinary senses of the mind and eye. Using theatrical lights, mood music and entertwining them with the eerie black of a darkened stage, he creates the illusion of mysticism and magic as a Victorian nobleman in search of the unusual; whereby he meets two women of different and diverse backgrounds of feminism and four strange ushers; who eventually bring the audience into the stranger still mind of Criss. With exuberant dancers and wild characters, this entertaining show will certainly change your perpective of reality, or at least in Vegas.

After entering the theater, via the box office, you are parlayed into the gift shop where you are able to purchase anything to do with Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil. Going forth from here you will meander down a hall of holograms about Criss and his rabbits that guide people to magic with his voice adding something to the parade or charade. Once having reached the concession stand, the usual drinks are helped by the shows drinks, called; Illusion, Mystic or Hallucination. There are tables that glow and change to different colors, chandeliers that end up looking like huge cobwebs and other add ons hoping you will imagine yourself at a hip nightclub. The show was a challenging affair for both parties involved. Criss wanted to show magic or illusions without all the usual trappings that has been a big part of any trick. He wanted to create a seamless production that entailed all the spectacular illusions but with artistic flair and pinache. For the heads of Cirque, they would be working with a star, one person, rather than a group as they have in the past. They also wanted a seamless intergration that had all the colors, movements and excitement of their shows with Criss at the center. A lot of hard work along with many trial and error techniques went into the making of this extraordinary show that transcends reality as we know it and takes us in the surreal world of Criss Angel. With the worlds of fantasy in both minds, Serge and Criss entwined the best of both worlds into a charismatic show that went beyond the normalcy of an illusionist and performer. They both wanted to go to the extremities of their abilities and create a live show that would exemplify the possibiliities of fantastic entertainment. It seems they have met their goal and gone beyond.

With various reviews this show is something to be seen and then decided upon. Much is expected of a venture like this and to think that that is all there is from other proponent is stretching it. Both Criss and the Cirque strive for the outreachable or unattainable, all the while giving the best performance they can. Just as both Criss and the Cirque entered into this admirable adventure into something different for them both with wide open minds, we, the audience should be coming into the theater with equally blank slates; waiting for the show and the performers help us or lead us towards that great decision about the success or failure of Believe. Like any venue, or any attempt at giving the public something not seen nor heard before, belief is what is needed. It is the positive thinking that created this show, and it will be the positive emotions that decide its fate. You will absolutely have to go and see the show to decide for yourselfs, or let the media, writers, newspeople and what have you do it for you. That would definitely be a shame and your loss. With the kind of marriage that has been arranged for us by Criss and the Cirque du Soleil we are the beneficiaries of a brand new magic show.


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Criss Angel at The Luxor


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.