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Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

It's Tough To Be a Bug

From the hit Disney Movie "A Bugs Life" comes an awesome action packed adventure that takes you down into the world of the smallest of critters. Inside the massive World Tree located at the center of the Animal Kingdom Theme park you can find this 3D attraction! This adventure is fun for kids of all ages, whether they be young, teenagers or adults they will enjoy every moment of this fully immersed experience! Come face to face with characters from the movie and follow them as they embark on a perilous journey to save the colony!

HopperThis 3D adventure utilizes a vast array of special effects to immerse you in the tiny world of these miniature characters. Under the shade of tall grass you can explore this mysteries and funny world of ants. With your favorite friend Flik from the movie you can follow him into a fun filled adventure filled with dangerous enemies and whacky obstacles. Get sprayed with water, lost in mist, dodge through this miniature forest and come out unharmed as you participate in the world of bugs!

FlikWhen Hopper the dangerous cricket from the movie reveals to all the bugs in the land that their worst and most frightening enemy is humans a full war is about to take place. With wasps ready to sting, bugs ready to attack and tempers flaring there is a chance that everything could go terribly wrong, and you are right in the middle of it! A series of complicated obstacles present themselves and you are forced to end the conflict! Events unfold and the story leads down a path to a terrifying conclusion, can you stop the bug invasion before it goes to far? Or are humans and bugs going to collide in a dangerous war that could end peace and harmony in the bug world?

This fun filled adventure for the entire family is a look into the world of bugs. Fight off the devious plot of Hopper and save the world of the bugs as you find yourself in their world! Help Flik convince the bugs that humans aren't the enemy and that the world of bugs is already in peace and harmony!