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Discount Titanic Artifact Exhibition Tickets!

Discount Titanic Artifact Exhibition Tickets

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On April 10th 1912 the RMS Titanic set sail on a transatlantic voyage. The Titanic was supposed to be the unsinkable ship. But on April 14TH 1912 at 11:40pm the look out noticed an iceberg. The ship tried to turn but there was hope for the RMS Titanic. The passengers of the vessel felt a shake in there cabins then panic raged thru-out the ship. There were only lifeboats for 1500 people but the boat carried 2,200. The titanic spilt in half and sank to its final resting place at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

When you visit the Titanic Experience you will experience first hand what it was like to be on the titanic when this disaster happened. When you enter the exhibit it's as if you're walking on to the Titanic. You can explore this realistic replica of the famous unsinkable ship. Titanic Museum hosts all sorts of priceless artifacts from the Titanic. Even the clothes Leonardo Di Caprio wore in the movie are on display. Experience this unique and impressive presentation of the demise of the RMS Titanic.

TITANIC - The Experience takes you on an adventure back into time, The brand new 20,000 sq. ft. attraction features 20 rooms with replications of the Grand Staircase, First class Parlor Suite, Captain's Bridge, Marconi Room, Verandah Cafe, and the intricate boiler area. At times you may actually feel as if you are on the ship with it's well-trained actors who guide you around the ship for your hour-long tour where you will see the Promonade Deck and actually feel the cold air of the Atlantic Ocean as you gaze at the night stars.

TITANIC - The Experience Discount Tickets

Featuring an 8-foot replica of the Titanic, This world famous attraction has gained more attention for it's other displays such as the most recent 'never before seen' HD footage of the ship at the bottom of the ocean. You can find over 200 artifacts and historical treasures from the actual titanic ship and also on display at the 'World's First Permanent Titanic Attraction' are props from James Cameron's blockbuster film, TITANIC.

TITANIC - The Experience Discount Tickets

Whether you're a small family or a large party the Titanic Experience can accommodate all types of groups. Weddings, youth groups, or birthday parties this is an adventure for all. This is not just a museum this is a significant part of our maritime history.

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