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Ride The Land
at Walt Disney World's Epcot Theme Park

Living With the Land

Epcot's Living with the LandOpened in 1982 this environmental greenhouse and presentation has been a site seeing attraction for all ages at Epcot.  With such a long history of economical developments this greenhouse and fish farm host an array of technology based advancements into the food production field.  Making innovative advancements into the agricultural plain; Disney has allowed you to take a brief peak into their findings.  This first hand experience is both educational and incredibly interesting, and the boat ride just adds to it!

Jump into boats and glide along a track through the exhibit.  Although the ride used to be narrated by an employee on the boat with you, it is now fully automated, making a shorter wait time.  Visit deserts and rainforests as you learn about the worlds lush and desolate areas for agricultural use.  Can Disney turn the desert into an Oasis?  Listen and watch as Disney explains its future applications for the innovative ideas that you will find in the greenhouse.  The boat ride then takes you to the largest six acre pavilion in the Epcot greenhouse as you travel through the separate exhibits.  Witness massive hanging cucumbers, Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins and more!  Disney has been working alongside NASA to be able to farm food in outer space to supply future space colonies.  See a full length presentation of nearly forty animatronics and audio to explain the future of Epcot’s greenhouse!

Epcot's Living with the LandFloat past the farm tanks full of exotic fish and massive amounts of common seafood products.  Observe the hundreds of fish as they swim in schools around the massive housing tanks.  See examples of technology as it boosts the speed of growth and size of the fish that Epcot is farming.  marvel at a tank full of Florida’s most renowned animal, the Florida Alligator!

Just outside the boat ride is a restaurant where you can buy vegetables, fish, and exotic foods that are in the greenhouse and the fish farm.  Taste some of the food grown for space, or take a bite out of one of the massive hanging cucumbers!  And if your a little adventurous, order the Mickey mouse shaped vegetables.