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Ride The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Disney World The Magic Kingdom The Haunted Mansion Discounts


The Haunted Mansion, the enormous haunted manor set on the banks of the Rivers of America at Disney's Liberty Square, where a supernatural Ghost introduces you to his home and some of his dearly departed friends.

Ghosts in general, are raring to scare and make anyone visiting their home a very ill pleasurable experience. The ghosts in this freakish mansion, however, are quite friendly as they dance and sing during your visit. The content on this ride is mildly scary and definitely appropriate for all ages.

Disney World The Magic Kingdom The Haunted Mansion Discounts

While you make your way through the line set outside of this beautiful 18th century estate you'll see all kinds of trickery from eyes moving on statues, and ghosts appearing here and there from behind grave stones and trees. After entering the mansion, you find yourself in a tall portrait room where the paintings seem to stare at you from all angles. As the air cools, you begin to realize that funny things are happening to the paintings. This is when you realize you are committed to being introduced to ALL the ghosts whom reside here.

Disney World The Magic Kingdom The Haunted Mansion Discounts

As you move through the house, you will board one of many Doom Buggies and begin your tour. Pass through dusty rooms, where you can see tell tale signs that you are not alone in this mansion. Soon, you encounter Madame Leota at the center of a giant room where a séance has been set up hundreds of years ago who invokes the rest of the apparitions in the home to reveal themselves.

You must bare witness to this haunting to receive the FULL experience, and we assure you you will relive the tales for years and years to come, especially when one of the ghosts hops into your Doom Buggy and tries to go home with you...

The Newly Renovated Mansion

Recently The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom was closed for refurbishments. The ride re-opened for guests on September 13th, 2007. The Orlando Florida Mansion was given some touch ups to paint, lighting, and carpeting as well as a surreal, M. C. Escher based room of upside-down staircases with ghostly footsteps walking up and down them. New audio and visual effects were added throughout the Mansion as well. There are several features incorporated from Disneyland's Mansion, including changing portraits, the floating Madame Leota and the revised attic scene.

Come see all the renovations and witness the rebirth of this classic haunting experience!