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Space Mountain

Space MountainSince the dawn of time man has been fascinated by the opportunity to journey into space, and now with the help of Walt Disney World you can do just that! Take a wild ride into the far reaches of the universe as you experience something few men get to do! Welcome to Space Mountain, a journey into the future of space travel and an exiting tour of the galaxy! This futuristic adventure is a wild ride at incredible speeds as you traverse the large distances in space in the blink of an eye! With twists and turns you can travel around in the dark through time and space, dodging planets and stars!

Space MountainThis indoor rollercoaster is the dark, you heard right, in the dark! One of the largest attractions to this ride is the massive overhead dome that has stars and planets projected onto it. With moving lights and special effects you glide through the dark with stars and planets flashing bye you in the blink of an eye. Because it is in fact a roller coaster you can expect fast turns and sudden drops. Venture through tunnels and space stations as you make your way across the galaxy.

Space MountainUsing special effects and an amazing atmosphere you will feel like you are actually in space! This high speed rollercoaster is one of Walt Disney Worlds most popular attractions. Located in Tomorrowland this fun filled adventure can be seen from nearly the entire theme park. The large white pyramid shaped building stands tall at the back of the theme park, inside you can find a winding tunnel that leads you to your spacecraft where you embark on your amazing journey!