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SeaWorld's Orlando Manta Discounts

"SeaWorld's Manta!"

Take an exiting journey through an underwater paradise filled with sea life and beautiful scenery. Explore colorful corals and exotic animals in their own unique environments. Explore the hidden world from new angles in these creative and massive viewing areas, from top to bottom side to side you are totally immersed in this underwater world. Even find yourself inside the center of an aquarium where you can get a 360degree view of these beautiful environments. See exotic animals imported from all over the world; explore what SeaWorld has put in place to attempt breeding of these never before captivity reproduced animals. Stand under a massive tank filled with hundreds of sting rays as they sore above your head in this one of a kind encounter.

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SeaWorld's Orlando Manta Discounts

After exploring this under the SeaWorld you are nearly to the main feature. This monstrous rollercoaster is tower above you at 140 feet tall and is awaiting your arrival. Strap in this four person per row thirty two passenger and expect a surprise. Just before exiting the docking bay the seats rise at your feet until you are laying face down with your back to the vehicle, suspended off the ground. You are now riding on the basin of the great ray, this becomes abundantly clear if you are riding in the front row, as the you can see the great rays head looming just ahead.

SeaWorld's Orlando Manta Discounts

Journey 140 feet into the air and plummet headfirst into this 3,359 foot steel monster. You’ll find yourself rushing at high speeds through tight turns and a massive loop, the rollercoaster boast four inversions! At high speeds you will find yourself attracted to the unique design of the carts that give you the feeling of free flight! Travel in free flight over water, dipping your wings just briefly in the beautiful water below, caution you might get a little wet!

SeaWorld's Orlando Manta Discounts

So take a ride on this beautiful creature we call the Manta, and adventure into a world of high speed twists and turns. Venture with this unique design and explore an entirely new way to experience roller-coasters in this free hanging experience that only begs the question, how many times will you ride it?