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The Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando


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Review by Kevin Baker:
This roller coaster was amazing! I went on it alone and they put me on the front row, the drop was massive, and I have ridden a ton of rollercoaster's. The most amazing part of this rollercoaster is when we went underground, we actually plunged into the hole at incredible speeds. Every bit of this rollercoaster was an adventure, if you are ever in Central Florida, buying tickets to SeaWorld are worth it just for this ride.

SeaWorld's Kraken

KrakenThis mythical beast has haunted sailors since the dawn of time. However, his existence has never been confirmed, and was always the sworn cause of shipwrecks by the early sailors. This monster is one of the seas greatest beasts, and now at SeaWorld, Kraken has become a prime attraction for visiting guests. Enter the den of the Kraken, and go on a wild adventure with this monstrous eel as you follow this creature on a massive steel coaster.

SeaWorld's KrakenThis unique and first of its kind rollercoaster is without a floor, that is to say; while seated in your secure vehicle your legs are dangling about the track, giving the free flow sensation flying! This rollercoaster has world breaking records for heights and speed, meaning you are experience the rollercoaster that leads them all. Reaching speeds of nearly 70mph you are truly soaring down this monstrous rollercoaster. Can you escape the wrath of the Kraken, or will this massive eel catch you in his grasp? Plunge underground into the lair of the beast, and narrowly escape his clutches as you emerge from the underground at incredible speeds.

SeaWorld's KrakenOutside you can walk through the lair of the Kraken and see his large eggs. Inside these clear eggs are a variety of large eels that are actually alive. Inside this dark room filled with the eerie presence of the eels you can look up to see the underbelly of the Kraken, and just outside his head rests for a perfect photo opportunity. So if you are looking for a great ride and one of the worlds top 10 rollercoaster´┐Żs you have to the right place, experience this thriller first hand at SeaWorld Orlando.

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