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Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld


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Review by Ethan Lahw:
I took my kids on this about noon when it was getting hot, that's typical Florida for you. We thought that we could easily get cooled off if we rode a water ride, and that's exactly what happened. The inside of Atlantis was awesome, it was filled with shiny treasures and sparkling gold. And then a mermaid appeared, and from there on out it was a wild ride. We plunged out of the castle with a huge splash, and all of us got soaked, but by the time the ride was over we had gone up and down enough times that we were dried off. This is an easy and fun way to cool off from the hot Florida sun, its a must if you go to SeaWorld.

SeaWorld's Journey to Atlantis

Journey to AtlantisLost in time this underwater city is filled with riches and adventure. However, recently uncovered by SeaWorld you can be among the few adventurers to make the first exploration into this hidden gem of the vast ocean. This beautiful city is one of the prime attractions here at SeaWorld, located near Kraken this ride is impossible to miss, follow the screams to the large plunge into water that exits the front of the structure. If you stand on the side of the drop you can get soaked in this spray of the vehicles. Underneath the structure is a large aquarium filled with exotic jellyfish, sharks, and other reef creatures. With brief explanations and special features you can witness glow in the dark jellyfish, translucent eels and more!

Joruney to AtlantisOnce you enter Atlantis in a small riverboat you travel through a series of rooms, and finally you begin to stumble upon massive piles of gold and gems. You are quickly greeted by a beautiful mermaid who seems friendly enough, and offers to show you the rest of Atlantis yourself. Then she suddenly changes expressions and describes her devious plot to trap you in the city forever, your pulls Journey to Atlantisquickly away and you exit Atlantis via a large drop into the water below, making a grand entrance into the theme park, with a splash. Wave hello to your friends because your not done, you can hear the mermaids voice as she warns you that she herself still has plans, and you are suddenly lifted back up into Atlantis.

This fun filled adventure is great for all ages, the drop is minimal but eventful and the water makes for a great cool-off while in hot Florida sun. Once the ride is over you are left inside the gift shop, where you can purchase Journey to Atlantis merchandise and Sea World souvenirs. Make sure to visit the aquarium and let the kids enjoy the water fountains located outside!

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