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Disney World The Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean Discounts

"All hands on deck!"

The original idea for Pirates of the Caribbean was to be a walk through wax museum featuring statues of real pirates in static scenes. This was the idea in the late 50's, set to be hosted in Disneyland, and prior to the breakthrough animatronic technology introduced at the Worlds Fair. Disney's Imagineers embraced this technology, and with input from Walt Disney, created the animatronic pirates in the light hearted voyage through a pirates life in the Caribbean.

Disney World The Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean Discounts

Hop on your own boat and cruise through the various scenes as you witness the crazy antics of these colorful pirates wreaking havoc in many different ways. At the beginning of this excellent adventure, you are greeted by a skeleton sitting in a crow's nest perched atop a ship's mast. As you get into your vessel you are asked to hold on as rough waters are ahead. The next thing you know, you are taking a quick trip over a 14-foot waterfall as you land in the middle of a pirate battle. The Black Pearl blasts canons under the direction of Captain Barbossa, who demands the capture of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disney World The Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean Discounts

As you make your way through the battle, you find yourself on the lookout for Captain Jack Sparrow. He's in search of a treasure map to the towns riches. He's not alone in this feat, however. The other pirates pillage and hold everyone in question, "WHERE'S CAP'N JACK?!" As the ride moves forward, you witness pirates chasing maidens, and jolly pirates singing their theme song, "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life for Me!"

Disney World The Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean Discounts

Watch as jailed up scallywags try to coax a dog holding the keys to their freedom hostage for food. That pesky dog isn't giving that key up for just any scraps though. Make your way as you see the burning buildings, and the havoc that these pirates are wreaking all in search for the booty, and Cap'n Jack. Will they find him before he finds the treasure? You'll have to see for yourself, because "dead men tell no tales!"

Renovations to Pirates of the Caribbean

Since it's conception at Disney Land on March 18, 1967, the ride has been replicated in other Disney locations. Magic Kingdom got a version of the ride in 1973, Tokyo Disneyland in 1983, and Disney Land Paris in 1992. It wasn't until the movies featuring Johnny Depp and the rest of the fantastic crew dominated with three box office hits that lead to the renovations featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa and The Black Pearl.

Pirates of the Caribbean is fun for the whole family and can be experienced again and again for years to come. Be sure you make your way to El Castillo - Torre Del Sol, the home of this wild adventure at Disney's Magic Kingdom the next time you visit. If you don't you may just have to, WALK THE PLANK!