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Discount Mauiva Tours Tickets

Mauiva Discount Tickets

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New to the Kissimmee Area!

If you're in the Central Florida area on vacation and you want to see the entire area you better be ready to spend a good three weeks here. However, there is another fun and exiting way to see the entire area in just under an hour! The Mauiva Tours are a series of small planes that take off from Kissimmee and explore the area from a birds eye view. You have the opportunity to join in this fun adventure and fly over the skies of Central Florida and Orlando!

Very few people that visit the area will have the opportunity to boast that they have seen the sites from the sky. One of the main reasons people enjoy this kind of tour is the aerial view of the Orlando Theme Parks. Whether you're looking at the Disney Land Parks, SeaWorld, Universal Studios or the many other attractions you can have pictures that few people even dream of having. Flying low in these small planes you can cover vast distances that wouldn't be possible in a vehicle or on foot. This is just another great way to make your vacation to Florida a memorable experience.

These specially designed planes let you get in on the action as you join the pilot in flying the plane! Ride up front and put your hands on the wheel as you guide the plane in the direction of your choice! These experienced pilots can make your wildest dreams reality in these awesome planes as you take command in this mid air tour!

Mauiva Discount Tickets

If you plan to participate in one of these one hour tours be sure to check if there are any package offers around the time of your visitation. One of the most popular packages is the awesome fireworks package, a night ride that gets you near the theme parks just around the time they set the sky ablaze with fireworks!

To explain the amount of people that come through Central Florida we will inform you that this is the number one destination in the entire world for vacationers. So, when you plan to take one of these tours, be sure to call way in advance to ensure your spot on the plane. All reservations must be placed at least twenty four hours in advance. These planes only accompany three passengers, and weight will be distributed according to the pilot's wishes (You won't get to choose your seat). There is a twenty dollar deposit for each ticket purchased, and flights depart from 7:30am till 12:30pm! So make your vacation memorable with this exiting adventure!

If you want to see what real Florida looks like when the sun goes down then you should schedule the night rides with the Wild Florida Airboats. You will spot alligators few feet away when they come out for food at the night. You will catch the gators sun bathing in the wilderness if you visit in winter.

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