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Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

Kali River Rapids

Kalu River RapidsIt’s hard to cool off in the hot Florida sun, but Animal Kingdom has found a way to get you out of the heat! Not only can they cool you off, but you can enjoy every moment of it while you’re at it! The Kali River Rapids is a fun and entertaining way to enjoy the water. It isn’t often that you get to experience raging rapids in a raft! This adventurous water ride is a wild adventure of twists and turns as you speed down this river. The Florida sun can sometimes be almost unbearable and finding ways to cool off and stay hydrated can take time and preparation. Thankfully Animal Kingdom brings you this fun filled ride so you can cool off while still having fun!

Kalu River RapidsUnder waterfalls, over rocks and around sharp bends you will go in this gushing adventure of this great ride! Journey into the heart of the storm as you dodge hazardous debris and speed through twisting turns to narrowly escape these rapids! As you journey through the heart of the forest you will come across the devastating remainders of illegal loggers, after being run off these men have left behind some dangerous obstacles. The stream is filled with logs strewn across the shore and lying in the middle of the rapids, can you navigate your way around all these threatening debris?

Kalu River RapidsYou would think that these terrible debris would be the only problem you encounter, but think again! As you navigate down this 90-foot ascent through rapids, rocks, logs and foamy water you will encounter much more! Ike a 30-foot raging waterfall, it appears as if there is no other choice, looks like your going under! Watch out as you go under the bridge, guests from above have water guns, and they probably enjoy shooting passers by!

When the sun gets hot the water stays cool, and makes for a fun and entertaining way to cool off! This fun filled adventure is a high speed race the bottom of these raging rapids as you dodge and narrowly escape every obstacle that stands in your way!