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Magic Kingdom

It's a Small World after all, at
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Theme Park

It IS a Small World, after all...  

Enjoy yourself on this colorful adventure!

Climb aboard a boat and make your way down the Seven Seaways canal and glide past costumed dolls and various species of animatronics animals as they dance and sing the world's theme song, "it's a small world (after all)".

Dressed in costumes that represent various cultures from nations all over the world, the dolls sing the amazingly catchy theme song in 5 languages. Continents home to various nations are connected in an interweaving theme as the boat gently moves along to the roundelay song.  This wonderful experience sets the mind and body at ease as it promotes unity and equality through our different attributes, all as human beings, while giving a colorful overview at many of the countries of the world.

Dolls representing Mexico       French Dolls doing the Can Can

This ride appeared at the 1964 New York World's Fair as part of Pepsi's pavilion. Walt Disney had this experience transferred over to Disney Land in California where it was later introduced to Magic Kingdom's Fantasy Land. The ride originally included all the anthems to the countries represented, however, sang in unison, these themes created a contradicting feeling to the promoted unity of the ride..

Lovely boat ride on the Seven Seaways CanalDisney called upon the Sherman Brothers (Richard and Robert) who then wrote the first version of "It's a Small World". This version of the song was a ballad, which was not cheery enough for the quirky look that Mary Blair, a Disney Imagineer had developed for the ride so Walt Disney had the brothers change the theme to something a little more jolly, and catchy. Some say the song, once heard, will never leave your mind...

"It's a Small World," a gentle boat ride that's fun for the young and old alike, promotes peace and unity, and carries Walt Disney's legacy to unite everyone through joy and good spirits. This wonderful experience can be seen at Disney World Florida, Disney Land California, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Park (Paris), and Hong Kong Disneyland. This experience will also leave you smiling and a bit brighter inside.

It's a small world Hippo