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Participate in Star Wars: Jedi Training Academy
at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: Jedi Training Academy


Hollywood Studios Jedi AcademyIf your kids are a fan of the Star Wars series then you have come to the right place.  This half hour show starring one of the most notable Evil villains of our time is now on scene at Hollywood Studios to bring all the fun, action and excitement of the movies to the children!  With one on one action and interactive light-saber duels this is a demonstration not to be missed.  With powerful disturbances in the force you are quickly warned that storm troopers have been seen in the area and the possible presence of a Sith Lord might pose a danger.  A Jedi Master then enters the stage and displays a series of acrobatic stunts while swinging his light-saber while the Star Wars theme song plays in the background.  When he is done, he will explain the current situation to you once again, this time saying that Darth Vadar is close to your location, and that you only have a short time to prepare.  He then calls 25-30 children from the audience, where he will train them as Padawans to help in the battle against Darth Vadar.

Hollywood Studios Jedi AcademyThese select kids will be equipped with plastic light-sabers and brown robes (Brown robes come with Mickey Mouse Ears to keep the Disney mood).  The Jedi Master then informs the kids that they will need some extensive training to fight the Sith Lord.  To keep the kids focused, he hastily tells them that there is no time to spend messing around.  He then treats the kids to an instructive class on how to handle a light-saber, and fight against their opponent.  He instructs them in step by step moves to take on the evil menace, and when they come to the end of their training, are confronted by Darth Vadar and two Storm Troopers.  Darth Vadar reveals his sinister plan to turn all the children to the dark side.  The Jedi Master then exclaims that none of the children will turn to the dark side, and that the Evil Menace is outnumbered.  Each child gets to have a one on one light-saber duel with Darth Vadar.  With their instructor standing beside them, they are encouraged to use the skills that they practiced shortly before.  Each child’s individual duel has full light-saber sound effects and soundtracks from the movie to keep the excitement alive in this fun filled adventure for the young kids in the family.

Darth Vadar retreats, but not before giving a speech on his soon to come revenge!  After the show the kids are asked to return the plastic light-sabers and brown robes.   Once the items are returned, each child is given a certificate that pronounces them as honorary Padawans.  After the show there is a chance to take photos with the storm troopers, Darth Vadar and your Jedi Master.