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Enjoy the BackLot Tour
at Walt Disney World's Epcot Theme Park

BackLot Tour

Hollywood Studios Back-Lot TourWelcome to one of Hollywood Studios main attractions!  This tour is a step into the making of the movies, with in depth narration and action packed adventures you get to witness and experience the fun with the producers!  This is your chance to witness the special effects that go behind some of the most popular movies of this era.

You begin your tour by walking through an outdoor viewing area where water effects and ocean scenes are made.  These tanks are full of devices to simulate waves, explosions and gunfire that you see in war movies!  With pyrotechnics, green screens and more you can witness first hand the makings of the big screen!  If you are chosen prior to the showings you may get the opportunity to be a part of the water warfare for your family’s enjoyment.  Watch and see a small demonstration of the tanks abilities as a Disney employee shows you the amazing spectacle!

Next access a spectacle only seen by those who take the tour.  This warehouse is full of hundreds of the movies spectacular props and costumes that are shown through out the classic and recent movies.  Quickly take a picture next to your favorite movies props/costumes because you’re on your way to the next exhibit.

Hollywood Studios Back-Lot TourHop onto a tram that seats 200 and travel into Disney’s back lots, the behind the scenes filming areas.  Look at some of the classic movie sets such as “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and listen to the constant narration that explains exactly what you are seeing!  View current filming operations, from lighting to cameras you will see it all!  The tram makes a quick swing through a movie set where the instructor informs you that the set hasn’t been used in years.  You pull off the main course into a large canyon that has an oil tanker opposite the precipice you reside one.  The tram slowly pulls to a halt as the narrator tells you to get a good view of one of the largest sets at Walt Disney.  Suddenly the oil tanker opposite of you explodes in a huge mushroom cloud.  You can feel the heat from hundreds of feat away as the ground begins to shake.  The driver yells across the intercom that you are experiencing an earthquake.  Suddenly hundreds of gallons of water rushes overhead and shoots over you in a waterfall effect filling the canyon with water.  You pull out just before the canyon fills with the flash flood.  The instructor then explains the demonstration as the canyon is being drained of its water!

Next move on to the exit, the American Film Institute Showcase and see some of the props and costumes from your favorite movies.  The current theme of the showcase is “Villains: Movie Characters You Love to Hate,” so strap in and browse the area for those monsters that were in the classics.  These include the infamous Darth Vadar, the horrifying monster from the movie Alien and more!