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Walt Disney World's Future World

Audio Animatronic scene- Future World

Spaceship earth

Take a journey back through time and space in Future World's flagship attraction, Spaceship Earth.  As omnimover vehicles transport guests into the future,  soundtracks from Bruce Boughton prepare the atmosphere for the trip. Housing the space adventure is the big golfball-like sphere  that creates the backdrop for Epcot. Aboard the time machine, guests can choose the language of their choice. Riders answer a series of questions regarding work, play, and life while the computer designs their  futuristic world. During the trip back into time,  passengers relive 40,000 years of  man's evolution. World-renown artist Dame Judi Dench, interprets the tale of how each generation of mankind has paved the way for the next..Twenty audio-animatronic scenes  carry  passengers from man's past as he evolved into the future. Spaceship Earth features scenes depicting the Egyptian Empire, Roman Empire, Renaissance period, Medieval times, and man's  greatest  accomplishments.

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Innoventions Plaza

Epcot Tickets

Innoventions Plaza, is home to both East and West pavilions. Innoventions features a fun pavilion with unique activities for all ages. These interactive exhibits teach everything from wacky houses to problem solvers, robotics to waste management. Ever wonder what happens to all those bottles of soda pop? Have a blast while guests of all ages use WM to create clever ideas how to convert waste into reusable energy. Each team chooses a unique name then races to fill a dumptruck through a series of high-tech  games.  Be challenged to recycle, reduce and reuse "virtual trash", and then create alternate forms of energy. Find out how many homes can be powered by reusable waste you collected. The fun never ends with  exhibits including Storm Struck, The House of Inventions, and The Test Limits Lab.

Mouse Gear - Epcot

Mouse Gear

One of the largest merchandise & apparel shops in EPCOT is Mouse Gear. Featuring a broad array of Disney paraphernalia. Check out the sign on the front of the store with the three gears, they may remind you of a famous mouse. Mouse Gears has some very unique holograms that quickly catch your eye. If you like shopping, your in the right place. It's easy to spend an hour in this shop offering the latest Disney merchandise. Choose from a wide selection of   Men's, women's and kids' apparel, Trading Pins, Souvenirs, Plush toys, Food & candy, and Epcot theme park logo items.

 Test Track - GM

Test Track GM

The Test Track Attraction is home to one of Disney's fastest rides at Epcot. Debuted in 1999. the Test Track is a high octane thrill-ride that subjects guests to various manuevers. The queue guides guests through glass & steel comlex into the heart of GM's test facility where it showcases it's latest  prototype, manufacturing, crash test and vehicles test systems. But today, instead of using a test dummy, you get to strap into the drivers seat. After a short  briefing  to discuss 5 vehicles tests, now it's time to strap into the test car - the light changes to green and the prototype accelerates at lightening speed. After the uphill climb, guests are subject to brake tests, anti lock test, bump tests, curve testing and then finally bank testing at speeds up to 60mph. Lastly, guests finish their tour by viewing some of GM's late model vehicles for sale.

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Featuring one of the most entertaining and mesmerizing traveling attractions at Future World are the Jammitors. Dressed in janitor uniforms, this multi-talented trio perform live percussion utilizing  everything but the kitchen sink. Be amazed as this trio create sounds that move you on their cleaning and maintenance equipment. Equipped with cleaning buckets, shovels, garbage cans, covers, and a drum set, this high energy group will give a new meaning to cleaning equipment. If you enjoy improvisational percussions, high-octane sounds, lively rythyms and a bit of humor, then the Jammitors will take you to a new level of entertainment.

 Soarin' - Future World


Feel the wind in your hair, smell the orange blossoms in May,  touch the ocean waves with your feet, these are all the multi-sensory sensation you'll experience  in Soarin'. Let your multi-passenger hand-glider take you to new heights as you swoop and soar over breathtaking landscape, lush fields, cool waterfalls and pristine bodies of water.  Imagine being wrapped in a 180deg panoramic view as you make your first flight over San Francisco. Immerse yourself in the tranquility & beauty of Yosemite National Park, get a birds-eye view over Redwood Creek,  or just float above a skiing & snowboarding tournament.  Return to the sky and continue your journey to Golden Gate Bridge,  Redwook Creek, Napa Valley, Wontere, Camarillo, Anaza-Borrego Desert State Park and much more.

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 Kidcot  - Future World

Kidcot Fun Stops

 Future World is no longer just for Adults, but children of all ages can now make their dreams come true. Located in both theme parks, Kidcot Stops are creative craft centers where preshcoolers can express their artistic talent. Bedazzled as your preschoolers becomes wide-eyed & absorbed while travelling the world  Just relax as your preschooler discovers fun-filled activities inclduing stamping, creating, writing and drawing. Here at Kidcot, children will have the opportuinity to meet castmembers from different parts of the globe. Watch them be mesmerized with multi-colored projects that create vibrant masks cut to perfection.