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Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest

Animal Kingdom's Expedition Everest Discount Tickets

Expedition Everest is located in the Asia area of Disney's Animal Kingdom. High up on this strange mountain there has been rumors of a strange but very real creature. Up on the peeks of this tall and snowy mountain there have been sightings of the fabled yeti. Unfortunately the mountain isn't scalable, and the only way to get to its peak is through some old mine shafts that weaver their way up and down the mountain. These rickety wooden paths can be traveled on a long excruciating walk, or speedily traversed by cart.

Now is your chance to find out if these rumors are true, to scale the mountain and unravel this mystery. These winding caverns are full of hidden surprises, and finding your way in and out can be hard to do in the dark! In some places this winding wooden coaster has broken, leaving the edges of this track dangling over the side of a cliff! Watch out, at some points along the track the wood has completely shattered, leaving a ramp leading to a sudden drop!

Once you get deeper into the mountain you begin to find evidence of this terrifying creature everywhere. This speeding roller-coaster is one of Disney's prime attractions, and houses some incredible special effects and hair raising close calls. These twisted and decrepit wooden tracks weave in and out of the caverns flinging you from light to darkness, up and down and all around Expedition Everest! Does this mythical animal actually exist? What has destroyed the never ending mine tracks and wreaked havoc on abandoned equipment? Does this fabled yeti actually exist inside the snow covered mountain? Find out when you embark on Expedition Everest!