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Epcot's "Spaceship Earth"

Epcot Center's Spaceship Earth

Epcot Center Spaceship Earth Discount Tickets

Located inside Epcot’s signature structure, the massive ball located at the entrance to the park, the ride defines the purpose of Epcot. The ride takes approximately 16 minutes allowing you to experience every bit of the rides cultural, historical, and monumental influence. You sit on “time machines” where you are taken through a series of showcases, each room depicts a scene in history; acted out by over 20 animatronics throughout the ride.

Experience historical changing points for the world as we know it, witness scientific breakthroughs right before your eyes. Each room has narrative explanations of the era and location that you have arrived. Each exhibit is an automated animatronics scene that explains the critical point and its relationship to our modern time.

With combination of both puppetry and animation this show is a spectacle of modern art. Filled with all the fun and adventure of the movie this ride brings out the best of character in each of your favorite fish!

Epcot Center Spaceship Earth Discount Tickets

Be there for the evolution of mankind; witness the first words to come out of his mouth and his progression through the ages. Stair in awe at the Egyptian hieroglyphics as you view ancient architects created and restored to their original form by Epcot’s finest. Explore the Roman advancements in road systems and experience technology as it develops through the ages. One of Epcot’s prized possessions is the end of the ride, where you witness the future of the world based on revolutionary breakthroughs in modern technology.

Throughout the ride you will be asked a series of questions, select the answers on the screen in front of you and see what you will look like in the future. The computer uses state of the art facial recognition to recreate your future self, and apply clothing and characteristics based on your profession of choice.