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Epcot's "The Seas With Nemo and Friends"

Enjoy The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion at
Walt Disney World's Epcot Theme Park

Epcot Center Nemo and Friends Discount Tickets

Come and enjoy an under the sea adventure with one of Disney’s newest and certainly one of the most popular characters, Nemo. Get into a “Clamobile” and float, bubble and swim your way into the depths of the sea. Meet characters from the movie as Marlin and Dory and several other characters from the movie as they go in search of Nemo; as has seemingly gone missing! But don’t be alarmed, Nemo seems to be absent on the account that he’s just having to much fun, follow along as he plays, sings and dances all around you.

Watch as the oversized fish swim among tons of real life fish inside of a 5.7 million gallon tank that replicates the oceans depth. This ride is truly entrancing; you will actually feel like you are under the sea! Visit the beautiful coral reef filled with exotic sea life. Journey on to the submarine where Bruce the Great White Shark is assuring Nemo that he won’t eat him. Follow the characters as they are chased around by a large anglerfish!

With combination of both puppetry and animation this show is a spectacle of modern art. Filled with all the fun and adventure of the movie this ride brings out the best of character in each of your favorite fish!

Turtle Talk With Crush Show!

Epcot Center Nemo and Friends Turtle Talk with Crush Discount Tickets

Listen to Crush as he tells you his stories about traveling the EAC, and surfing in the good life. This theatre show is for all ages and will have you laughing and pointing the entire time! Talk and interact with the 130 year old turtle that captured the young minds onscreen!

The show is geared primarily towards younger children, but about halfway through the show the kids get a chance to ask Crush questions, where he responds in funny ways. Disney has put Epcot to the test with state of the art technology, as you can hold actual conversations with Crush! Among the hilarity and entertainment the show brings, Crush always finds a way to inform the audience of how to protect the sea.

Crush is fully animated with facial expressions and movements that will make you forget your watching a talking turtle, he's just that real! Crush calls upon specific guests, even calling out what their wearing and staring directly at them. The best way to describe this ride, in the words of Crush is just "Dude!"