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Innoventions at Epcot's "Maelstrom"

Ride Maelstrom at Walt Disney World's Epcot Theme Park

Epcot Center Maelstrom Discount Tickets

Journey into a swamp filled with mystery and Norwegian culture. Travel back to a time of Vikings and Trolls as they are battling through a conflict to control the swamp. Explore through mist and waterfalls as you embark on a journey to reveal the hidden secrets of a time passed. With stunning animatronics, sounds and imagery you will be experiencing the barbaric ages firsthand.

Travel in authentic remakes of the original longboats that the Vikings used. The scenery is centered around Norwegian mythology, so expect to see things not yet uncovered. View some of Norway’s exotic animals and sight see some ancient monuments.

After the ride is a film that reflects on Norway and its cultural heritage, watch as the story unfolds. Witness the history and current state of the country as you are shown images and videos of the average day in a life of a Norwegian.