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Innoventions at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center

Ride Innoventions at Walt Disney World's Epcot Theme Park

Epcot Center Innovations Discount Tickets

Welcome to Innoventions, where you get to create, inspire and imagine the future! The entire place is filled with innovative products, blueprints, and digital media. Join a host of other Epcot guests and explore the future of our world first hand. If you ever wanted to see some of the world’s newest technology all packed into one room then you have come to the right place. With tons of interactive tools, devices, systems and more you will enjoy every moment of your step into the current and maybe even the future.

Innoventions is filled with current technology, from new power sources to incredible gaming consoles, there is nothing left to be desired. Displaying the latest in graphic design, 3D modeling and rendering effects you will not be unsatisfied; this is not something to miss! Alongside the computer generated effects are the good and plenty innovative ideas, ranging from power savers to audio animatronics you will see everything that went into the making of the Disney theme parks.

Inside the Innoventions pavilion are an array of exhibits and tours to choose from, these include:

Epcot Center Innovations Discount Tickets

ThinkPlace: Ever wanted to enter the digital world? Well now you can with this stations motion enabled games. Jump, dance and run through the courses and objectives to complete the levels.

Slapstick Studios: Enter the Creative Solutions Workshop and put your creativity to the test as you create your own inventions!

Rockin’ Robots: Ever wanted to create some robotic music? Well now you can with the helping metal hands of 4 beepin' and boopin' robots.

Videogame Playground: Play on one of the newest gaming consoles, whether your competing against your friends or just an onlooker, it’s always fun!

Segway Central: Ever wanted to ride on Segway? One of those cool machines with only two wheels that keeps you upright. Now’s your chance, you have the opportunity to enjoy the newest in mobile technology!