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“Honey, I Shrunk the Audience!”

Ride Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
at Walt Disney World's Epcot Theme Park

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience!

Join the family of Wayne Szalinski once again as he begins to experiment with technology that will most likely go terribly wrong. Put on some safety goggles and join in on the 3D fun in this massive theatre as Wayne displays his work.

When Wayne enters the stage, he has shrunken himself, and is now flying in a small pod! When he veers off course and crashes somewhere in the audience, his bummbling son begins to attempt to save his fathers presentation, and things go drastically wrong.

Wayne’s sun Nick demonstrates his father’s duplication machine; by placing his pet mouse inside! The mouse come out by the thousands, and run under the audiences legs. Feel rat tails brush your legs and feet as these furry creatures stream out of the building! Shortly after Wayne resizes himself, only to screw up his machine and shrink the entire audience!

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience!

Welcome to the world of the small, where Wayne’s youngest picks you up to show “Mommy” what he’s found. When he puts you down you land in front of Nick’s now massive Boa Constrictor! Luckily Wayne’s dog chases the beast off just before it eats you, and you are returned to normal size. So all is fixed and well? Think again, Wayne has supersized his dog, which sneezes on the audience, spraying everyone with goo just before the curtain closes. While exiting the theatre listen to the sounds from behind the curtain, they are still trying to catch the massive dog!

This show is fun for the whole family! Since the opening of Epcot this show has been entertaining crowds. This show doesn't run all day, so you have to check parks and times to see a showing.