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Animal Kingdom Dinosaur Discounts

Dinosaur is a riveting and thrilling adventure in a time machine that blasts you into the past where you can observe dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Your mission is to extract a small specimen of any dinosaur type and bring it back with you, as part of a research study. However everyone knows that when there is a fantastic new piece of technology there is always a crazy scientist behind its original intent. And after visiting the Dino Institute you are suddenly warped back in time to 65 million years ago, and instead of bringing back a manageable sized animal this crazy scientist intends to use you as bait… to capture a 3.5 ton Iguanodon, a ravenous and teeth filled carnivore.

Animal Kingdom Dinosaur

Of course finding this beast isn’t an easy task… well it might be if you just follow the countless animals fleeing in terror. The Dinosaur world is dog eat dog and there isn’t a bush that isn’t filled with some menacing or lovable creature… unfortunately those lovable creatures are the direct interest of the menacing dinosaurs. Everything inside this exotic and lush forest is alive, and finding your way to the Iguanodon won’t be easy.

Animal Kingdom Dinosaur Discounts

With dangers around every corner and speedy retreats, evasive actions and quick thinking you may just escape it all and complete your mission. When everything goes haywire and you get lost in the jungle, your time traveling machine makes some last ditch efforts to get you out of the jungle. When it realizes that the famous comet that wiped out the entire dinosaur population is on its way, you have 60 seconds to escape; can you make it through the dangerous animals and thick jungle in time?