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Discount Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld!

Discount Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld

Dine With Shamu Tickets

Dine with Shamu

Dine With Shamu Discount Tickets

One of the most amazing animals on the face of the planet is the Killer Whale. Noble, loving and caring these animals share family like characteristics, staying in a pod their entire lives with other orcas. These incredible mammals can be found at SeaWorld, performing in the One Ocean show throughout the day. But seeing this beautiful creature from a seat in the audience be guided into incredible stunts by its trainer and having an up close personal encounter are two entirely different things. At SeaWorld you can have a face to face meet with one of the most impressive performers in the world, Shamu. The Dine with Shamu experience lets you enjoy a fantastic meal in the presence of several orcas, away from the crowds.

Dine With Shamu Discount Tickets

This dinner and a show is an experience like no other. From the moment you walk into the exhibit side restaurant you will awe struck by the attendance of massive killer whales; it will feel like they are in arms reach. You are escorted to your table by a knowledgeable trainer who can answer any questions you have about Shamu. Once you are seated you will be given a menu with a wide selection of delicious meals to choose from.

Your menu includes a selection of fruits and vegetables, a variety of seafood plates or a beef sirloin, pork, turkey breast. All of this great meal was grown or farmed locally, to promote SeaWorld's environmental impact initiative to animals and their habitat. If you have kids in the family SeaWorld has gone out of their way to provide you with a children's menu, complete with all your kids' favorites. If you or a family member has a food allergy be sure to let SeaWorld know prior to booking.

Dine With Shamu Discount Tickets

During your meal the trainers will provide you with information about how they communicate with these amazing animals. Your host will demonstrate all the work that goes into allowing these animals to do their amazing performances for large audiences every day. You will have the opportunity to feel and experience a day in the life of SeaWorld's star orcas. During the show trainers will teach you about the dangers these animals are facing, and the damage we are doing to their habitat. Towards the end of the presentation Shamu will perform a few stunts from the show for an up close and personal performance.

This lifelong memory is a once in a lifetime experience you won't want to miss. Order through us and make your visit more affordable than ever with discounted tickets!