Here you will find the best deals on Discount Capones Dinner and Show Tickets!

Discount Capones Dinner and Show Tickets!

Discount Capones Dinner and Show Tickets

Capones Dinner and Show Discount Tickets

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The Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show in Orlando Florida is one of the premier attractions. Visitors will be delighted with the friendly customer service. The amount of entertainment packed within the 2 1/2 hour presentation will rival the theme parks. Bang for the buck, it can't be beat! At Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Shows in Orlando, the shows are rotated nightly to feature one of eleven different variations in storylines and characters. Be sure to keep you eyes opened and ears perked as everything around you is a clue. You will need to gather all the clues and utilize your powers of deduction to find the mystery murderer!

Winner as Orlando's best themed dinner show, Al Capone's creates a nostalgic atmosphere of days gone by of Gangland Chicago. Experience a tasteful infusion of song, dance, comedy, and theatre.

Amuse yourself at Capone's where your ill-mannered waiter are Italian thugs, notorious gangsters case the joint, and the smell of Italian food envelopes the atmosphere. Beware less one of those shady characters pull one of their famous capers on you.

Capones Dinner and Show Discount Tickets Capone's warm atmosphere sets the tone for an exciting evening filled with suspense, action, and good food. Bedazzled with Capone's Broadway style cabaret featuring Al's Gal, the one and only Miss Jewel. Your lovable hostess Miss Jewel is the only level-minded character in the midst of notorious crime bosses, crap shooters, ill-mannered waiters, and shady customers.

If your lucky, you might see the dapper Bugs Moran. Clad with white shoes, pin-striped suit and a white hat, Bugs has decided to take control of Al's speakeasy. "Hey, stunato, get ya ticket foist, den get in line" shouts Bugs Moran.

Bunny, Honey & Sunny, the dizzy three sisters from Brooklyn will keep you on the edge of your chair laughing the entire night. With their 1930's purple-white outfits, sporting black hats, their charming cabaret tap dance and song is simply delightful.

The hilarious comedy unfolds when the dizzy blond Bunny June living Brooklyn is discovered by Fingers (wise guy) who immediately falls in love with her. Unbeknownst to her crap-shooting husband Fingers, her 2 showgirl sisters Bunny & Honey intend to come to live with her in Chicago. Trouble will soon break out in this hilarious sequel when she must breaks the bad news to her newly-wed husband... Meanwhile Bugs is hunting for Fingers to whack him ...

The mix of great food, excellent theme, superb acting and flowing drinks will make you add Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show to the "To-Do" list during your next visit to Orlando.

Indulge in great food, and intrigue your mind at Orlando's Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Shows. Purchase your tickets online and save! Good investigative skills might win you an opportunity to be chosen for a cameo role in one of the comedic mysteries!

Capones Dinner and Show Discount Tickets Featuring Momma Capone's authentic Italian feast, Al makes sure that Momma prepares his food fresh every day. At Capone's, no one ever leaves hungry. Indulge in an all-you-can-eat buffet-style cuisine including fresh Fettuccini Alfredo, roast turkey, tossed green salad, steaming mash potatoes, pot roast, Italian sausage & peppers corn, macaroni & cheese, piping hot green beans, lasagna, and bread sticks. Al's famous saying "over the teeth, over the gums watch out stomach here it comes."

Second helpings is an everyday event at Capone's where you'll hear the express "sit hea so ya can stuff ya face."

Not only does Momma Capone prepare an exquisite Italian-American feast, but Al offers unlimited Bud Light draft, Cape Cods, White Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay wines, and much more. Don't miss the hilarious and zany adventure with the mob at Capone's speakeasy Show & Dinner Cabaret.


"Without a doubt, Capone's is a first-class act, entertaining, and suspenseful. We especially enjoyed the tasteful wise-guy remarks from our waiter. Food was scrumptious, all you can eat. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves Cabaret."