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Busch Gardens Montu Discounts

Follow the screams to this massive coaster. Looming 200 feet over the Busch Gardens theme park, this monster is awaiting your arrival. Perch yourself onto this dangling cart and soar high into the air where, for a moment’s notice, you will await the chase. Those screams overheard across the park are about to be yours as you stare down this 90 degree drop into a unique loop. For nearly four seconds you are looking straight down this 200 foot drop into bliss, and then, you are released. Just as the African hawk does (that this ride is named after), you dive straight down towards your prey.

Busch Gardens Montu Discounts

Follow in the footsteps of this menacing bird as you make the 90degree plunge rocketing you to speeds over 70M.P.H! Take a quick loop and plunge straight down again, this time into a dark lair. At these rapid speeds traveling underground is a ride in itself!

Busch Gardens Montu Discounts

This pulse pounding roller-coaster is a fan favorite for any coaster fanatic. With floorless carts, you are dangling over the track the entire time at speeds of 70 M.P.H. it is one of the most exhilarating feelings you will ever get. Underground, in the dark, you are twisting and turning to every twist and bend with an experience found no where else except Busch Gardens. The SheiKra is a heart racing roller-coaster for those fond of a wild ride. Explore the SheiKra's daily routine for hunting animals, in one of the most dramatic ways possible.

Review by: Michael

"Make sure that your stomach is not full on this ride because it will test every aspect of your anatomy. With the new dynamics of Sheikra moving at 70 mph, I wasn't sure what to expect! While on SheiKra, I thought of myself riding on the back of an African hawk as it turned, twisted and plunged after its prey. It was the ultimate adrenaline pounding experience that took my body senses to the limit. Somewhere in the middle of the ride, SheiKra took us through a Immelmann loop which is a rolling over maneuver, followed by second, then an outrageous 138-foot dive into an underground tunnel and a huge splash in the water as a finale. I could imagine what the people were thinking that were watching us from the Stanleyville area and the 500 seat Zambia Smokehouse when at 200 ft, we were hurled backward at 70 mph."