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Busch Gardens Montu Discounts

This towering inferno of speed and diverse ability is any roller-coaster fanatics dream. This isn't a kiddies ride, this steel coaster has every twist and turn known to roller-coaster kind, and sports a total of seven inversions that leave you... well hanging! Featured on the list of favorite roller-coasters year after year, this towering monster is awaiting it's turn to shake and thrash you at every turn, and we mean EVERY turn. Housing a unique batwing design each row in these speeding carts is its own separate piece, meaning no matter where you sit the ride has equal opportunities to throw you about.

Busch Gardens Montu Discounts

Named after the Egyptian god of war, this coaster does not expect you to be humble. Conquering this monster will take more than just guts and wits as you are journeying into the hands of a raging steel monster when you make every turn and twist on this winding, flipping, spinning and looping snake. With intense G-forces up to 3.85, you can experience what few ever feel in this roller-coaster that expresses the need for insane maneuvers.

Any roller-coaster enthusiast will point this one out on the spot, towering over the Busch Gardens theme park there is no other roller-coaster like it. Explore the world of twists and turns when you take on this Egyptian god of war on his own turf, yes sir, this is no kiddy ride, expect to be challenged on this one. So venture on over and ride the Montu roller-coaster, only found at Busch Gardens.

Review by: Richard Williams

This roller coaster is only defined by one word, wow! Wow, wow, wow every second of this coaster is a spin a flip or a turn. You don't even get time to take a breath before your thrust into another hurt pumping flip. I went on it twice and the second time I still couldn't figure out where the track was going, it was just to fast. If your looking for the best roller-coaster this world has to offer, then you have found it! Don't miss this one, I'm serious this is an absolute must when you are visiting Busch Gardens.