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Busch Gardens Kumba Discounts

A Kumba is the native name for a warning roar. When entering a lions territory you will commonly be warned of the presence of the beast with a large roar that demonstrates the lions dominion over his territory. Well, when you enter Busch Gardens theme park it’s not so much the roar of a lion that will lead you to this monster of a steel coaster, but the roar of screams and a speeding cart that alert you to its presence. Boasting the same number of inversions as the Montu, this roller-coaster leaves you hanging seven times!

Busch Gardens Kumba Discounts

Unlike the Montu however this colossal beast houses a certain elegance to all its maneuvers. With elongated tracks and lengthy stunts each inversion gives you time to enjoy, and we mean enjoy each one. Every inversion doesn’t end abruptly, meaning that as you’re spinning, flipping or twisting there is more than a second or two to enjoy the full extent of each stunt!

Busch Gardens Kumba Discounts

The Kumba has been rated several times as one of the top roller-coaster in the world. This unique and amazing ride is like none other! Built to usher roller-coasters into a new era, you’re not looking at one of the quick and easy rides… this gives you time to enjoy each and every maneuver the ride offers. Best described as “an experience never before felt”, this incredible roller-coaster can be enjoyed only at Busch Gardens Florida.

Review by: Brian Baker

This coaster was smooooth, I mean it, the thing was incredibly fast and smooth. Your constantly grasping your seat for air, and then when you suck it in its to much, I just held my breath the entire time. This thing was awesome, every other roller-coaster I have been on just has a loop where you scream for five seconds, this one you scream for 20. I'm not joking everything was enlarged or longer to make the ride not 30 seconds of entertainment, but more like 2 minutes. This is one of the best coasters I have ever been on, if your in Busch Gardens you must ride this, no exceptions.