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Discount SeaWorld Beluga Whale Interaction Tickets!

Discount SeaWorld Beluga Whale Interaction Tickets

Father and Daughter with BelugaCheck out SeaWorld Beluga Whale Interaction!

The Beluga Interaction Program at SeaWorld Orlando is a wonderful experience that places four guests at a time side by side with two SeaWorld handlers and two Beluga whales, which have got to be some of the sweetest animals on the planet. As guests arrive at SeaWorld, they make their way over to the Guest Services Counter to check in for their adventure. Standard medical information forms are given to be filled out prior to the Interaction so it is advised that you check in at least one hour prior to the start of the experience. After the simple forms are filled out, guests of SeaWorld's Beluga Interaction Program make their way to the Wild Arctic exhibit at the southeast corner of the park. Once there, you are greeted by friendly member of park staff who escorts you backstage to the prep area which includes the 'mud room', a room full of wetsuits and other equipment, and men's and women's locker rooms equipped with lockers for personal belongings, bathroom facilities, and showers. After you are fitted for your wetsuit, you are then escorted back to Wild Arctic where the adventure takes place. There you will be taken behind the scenes to the kitchen where the meals for all the arctic animals are prepped.

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These whales along with the walruses and polar bears eat approximately 140 lbs of food per day! That's a big order to fill, and all the animals are fed regularly and on well balanced diets that cater to the individual animal and not just the species. A view of the dive room where SeaWorld divers collect their equipment to feed the different animals and maintain the tanks and attractions of the park is also given briefly. As a crowd accumulates at the Beluga tank, you and three other guests of the Interaction make way to a tunnel that leads to the tank that holds the two Beluga whales of the show. Two guests team up with a handler to show the Beluga's ability to interact by the use of hand signals and body language. Occasionally, the paired teams will switch spots to obtain different vantage points for your loved ones out in the crowd documenting the experience. This also helps keep the Belugas interested in the interaction by keeping them moving. Beluga's have the ability to spit a large stream of water out of their mouths which is demonstrated with a little splash of water to the whales face by the handler. The whale then spits this large stream of water at the handler and guests as part of the show. This show is interactive which means that guests also participate by giving signals to the whales at the handler's instruction.

Beluga Whale with Boy

The whales give kisses on the cheek, hugs, rise from the water to touch your hand, spin around, and make a wide range of noises with different hand signals. These noises come from the blow hole at the top of the Beluga's melon, the thick layer of fat on top of the whale's head, which is manipulated with a combination of air to produce different tones and sounds with different hand signals. These sounds are the communication used by the whales when interacting with each other. To keep on top of the whale's progress in interacting with their handlers, a member of the staff may use a slap target which could either be a hand or a pole with a rubber buoy attached that is slapped onto the water which makes the whale stop what it is doing and retreat to the slap target's location. This shows the attentiveness of these amazing animals. To describe the feel of these animals would be to vision a marshmallow covered with a slick durable rubber mat. They love to be rubbed and scratched so you are encouraged to pet and rub them at the handler's instruction. It's not very often that you get to pet a Beluga whale, so when the opportunity is presented, why not give it a go? One vantage point for the guests of the Interaction program is a little shelf where when sat on, the water sits about waist deep. To be forewarned, the water in the Beluga tank is a cool 52 to 54 degrees to simulate the animal's natural habitat. The wetsuit provides some comfort, but the water is a bit chilly. The experience of interacting with these wonderful animals surpasses the temperature of the water and should definitely be experienced at least once in one's life. After the experience, guests are brought back to the building that houses the 'mud room' and locker rooms to begin cleaning up from the salt water of the wild arctic tank. At the end of the Interaction, guests receive a video about whales and other sea life through SeaWorld and a picture CD of the Interaction which can be picked up at the Guest Services desk at the same place where the check in took place. The entire experience is a total of two hours long.